PSAT Registration

PSAT Registration Checklist

The PSAT is held in the third Saturday of October of every year and its preceding Wednesday. It is one standardized exam, which you can take to be eligible for national merit scholarship programs and to prepare for SAT. You only get the two days in October, in which you can sit for PSAT. There are no testing centers for this test. A test-taker must sit for the test in his respective high school or in other high schools. The process of registeration, although starts from mid of April or June, it carries on till September. In this article, you will get a checklist of the dates and deadlines of the registration, which will come handy for you when you start enrolling yourself. The upcoming test dates are October 17th and October 20th, 2012, respectively.

The PSAT Registration Checklist:

In the following points, you shall get the important dates for initiating the registration process. These are the dates relating to every aspect, starting from the date of applying for the test till the final registration obligations.

  • It should be noted that there are no provisions for online PSAT registration. A test-taker must approach the authorities of his high school or other high schools, in which he wishes to sit for the test.

  • Every high school chooses only one of the two test dates. Hence, you should pick that high school which is administering the test on the date you have decided.

  • From mid April to June, colleges receive the test materials. Such materials include registration announcements, test materials and registration forms.

  • You need to choose any of the two dates for taking the test and fill up the registration form.

  • You have to submit this registration form within the specified deadline in order to register for the exam. The deadline for submitting the registration forms is early September.

  • For a legitimate registration, you have to incur a fee of $15. You can pay in cash or check. You should address the fee to the respective high school where you are taking the test. Do not forget to write your full name on your check.

  • In the mid of June, you have to notify the high schools about any kind of online fee waivers. It should be noted that fee waiving is only applicable for eleventh graders, hailing from low income families.

  • Within the end of June, the test-takers must submit the National Hispanic Recognition Program confirmation form to his respective high school.

The above-mentioned checklist, relates to the entire process for registering. However, in case you are unable to take the test on the registered test day, there are certain procedures available for competing for scholarships in 2014. You should contact the counselors or seek education guidance for taking the necessary course of action. You have to submit or rather postmark an information request to the College Board, in order to know about alternative routes available for you, in order to try your luck in 2014 National Merit Program.

The registration process is made lucid and the least troublesome. You just need to get in touch with your high school officials or education counselors to get to know more. Remember that although the normal test fee is $14, there might be some extra cost added to it by the colleges for administering the test. You should not worry much, in case you could not appear for the test on the scheduled date. You can request for the SAT Preparation Booklet&™, containing practice tests, which you can solve under simulated PSAT conditions. You can enter the competition for National Merit Scholarship Programs, if you are able to fulfill other requirements as specified in the NMSC's website.