PSAT Preparatory Softwares

How to Make Full Use of PSAT Prep Software

The PSAT preparation software help you to train yourself for taking the test in a simulated test environment and prepare you perfectly. The software is either available for download or they are found with several online courses. It generally comes at a reasonable price. It contains ample practice tests and questions for your preparation. The software may contain online subject resources, some printable contents, flashcards, extra work-out exercises from the three sections and much more. In this article, we shall discuss how you can make use of the software and about some of the best software available for preparation.

Utility of PSAT Prep Software:

The software is another tool in your hand, which serves as an active tool for your learning and practicing sample tests. Following points state the importance of the software:

  • They provide you a customized experience of the real test
  • You should make use of the study resources that come with the software
  • You should also make a wise use of the practice tests. There is often a diagnostic test which you should take before you proceed on to the practice papers
  • Moreover, you should take the practice papers systematically. Take few of the practice tests initially and most of them just when you are nearing the actual test.

What Are Some of the Best PSAT Prep Software?

In the following sections, let us discuss some of the popular PSAT prep software:

  • PSAT Platinum 2012: This interactive software contains user-friendly interface, practice papers and dependable study resources. It contains useful teaching tools coupled with a horde of animated characters, which talk to you and guide you through the contents. There are tutorials which let you have an in-depth analysis of the three sections, the Critical reading, the Math and the Writing Skills sections. It is updated with the new test structure and contains the most featured questions of past test. It comes at a price of $49.99 with a guaranteed refund if the test scores do not improve.

  • PSAT Bootcamp: This software not only contains the basic resources you need to prepare for the test, you will get quizzes with hints and comprehensive explanation and answer keys for all questions. It contains three PSAT practice questions, sufficient Critical Reading, Math and Writing Skills questions, answer keys and diagnosis of your strengths and weaknesses. It contains score analysis, online subject resources, multimedia contents, feedback of your performance and test-taking strategies. It is priced at $49.99 too.

  • Ventura PSAT prep software: This software has a record of perfectly detecting your weaknesses, alleviating them and accelerating your strengths. It has effective test strategies and learning tips and contains secrets to crack the test. It has over 3000 test questions, a whooping 17 practice tests, analysis of your score and recommendation for improving it and extra study resources. It comes at a price of $47.95.

  • Kaplan PSAT Test Preparation Software: Topics entertainment is the publisher of this software, which comes from the house of Kaplan. This is one of the best selling software and is popular for its proven results of generating the top scoring test-takers. It contain five full-length test papers, more than 2000 test questions, four bonus verbal and math sections, two full-length writing section tests, exam tips and strategies and personalized target focus on your skills and strengths. The Kaplan software gives you solid suggestions for scoring high. You can unlock all the features of the test and get an in-depth analysis of the test sections. It comes at a price of $49.50.

The above softwares are some of the best softwares for the preparation of this test. You should be using these, if scoring high is your goal. You can avail these software at any online site like or at any general bookstore near you. As you need ample time to prepare, you should grab a copy of one of the software and start practicing today!