PSAT Prep Course

The Best Known PSAT Prep Courses

Selecting the right PSAT prep course is an important step in preparing for your PSAT test. There are many PSAT prep courses available; so many that you can find it overwhelming to select a good PSAT prep course for yourself.

GleimPSAT Course

The GleimPSAT course is an online PSAT prep course. You can login to this course by registering on the website or by purchasing the course. The PSAT prep course is interactive and user-friendly. The screens include a main menu that includes icons to navigate your way through the course. For example, the main menu includes icons to go to the homepage, exit the course, or check your grades. You can even mail your feedback to the prep company using an icon on the main menu.

The course is segregated into study units or chapters based on topic. The study units are listed on the screen with a ‘+’ sign beside it that denotes that you have completed reading the topics within the study unit and can return to the topic whenever you want. The unread units do not have the ‘+’ sign.

The course includes audio-visual presentation and interactive questions that help you understand the topics better. The end of the course includes a study unit quiz that covers all the material from the study unit. The course includes a paper-based test and practice files you can download. You can attempt these tests and check your scores by clicking the grade icon on the main menu. The course also includes a full-length test that simulates a PSAT test.

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The PrepMe PSAT prep course takes a diagnostic test to analyze your academic strengths and weaknesses. The analysis is based on the various skill areas, such as Vocabulary, Algebra, and so on. The PSAT prep course is personalized according to your skills and is sent to you based on the areas you need to focus on. The topics are interactive that help you to learn and reinforce concepts. The course includes full-length sample tests to allow you enough practice for the test. The sample tests are also scheduled according to your customized course. That is, your course is sectioned in a manner to include areas where you need to focus first. Thus, the questions are sent to you after you complete a section. Your progress is also tracked so that you can keep a check on how you are progressing on your focus areas. Experienced tutors are available online to answer your queries on topics.

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The Kaplan PSAT prep course also provides you options to avail classroom, online, and private tutorials. The PSAT prep course is personalized and includes practice tests. The course assures you scores higher than the average scores.

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Princeton Review

The Princeton Review PSAT prep course is one of the popular courses for the PSAT. The course is interactive and includes full-length practice tests. The course is conducted in small batches of students to assure maximum attention to each student.

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No matter which PSAT prep course you opt for, remember that it is your individual effort that will propel you to achieve better scores in the PSAT. You need to spend time recollecting and studying all that you have studied in your prep class. Doing so reinforces your study. Try to practice as much as you can so that you gain confidence and form your own strategies to answer questions.

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