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If you endeavor to crack the PSAT, you have to study sincerely for it on your own. However, studying on your own for such a high-grade exam is not an easy task. You have to join one among the best PSAT prep classes for getting high scores. They not only provide you guidelines but also introduce the best test prep materials and books. The practice tests that they organize at regular basis and the full-length practice tests that are organized at the completion of the courses are of great help. Mentioned below are the paramount PSAT prep classes that you can refer to for scoring high in the PSAT.

PSAT College Board

The College Board is the official website of PSAT. It provides one of the supreme PSAT prep classes. You can log on to its website and open the link to access the questions from every major test section (Critical Reading, Mathematics and Writing skills) for practice. You can get access to:

  • Practice questions with full explanations of their answers
  • Tips to approach different types of questions from every test section

You can also refer to the Official Student Guide for PSAT that has been created by the College Board. It aids you in:

  • getting a bank of questions from every PSAT test section with full explanations of their answers
  • acquiring tips to approach different types of questions
  • practicing full-length practice sets

Kaplan for The PSAT

Kaplan runs various courses for the PSAT such as PSAT On Demand, Complete PSAT Prep, College Prep Advantage and Private or Small Group Tutoring. Mentioned below are the details of the PSAT prep classes that have been listed above:

PSAT On Demand: This test prep option is customized i.e. it is based on your pace of learning, on the time that you can devote towards preparation for the test etc. The salient features of the PSAT On Demand are as follows:

  • Online instructions are given.
  • You can get video instructions through the Smart Track technology of Kaplan. This technology helps in keeping track of the home assignments given to you after every instruction.
  • Your progress reports are sent to you and also to your parents through the Smart Report technology.
  • You can access various practice questions from all the test sections of the PSAT.
  • You can learn strategies to approach difficult questions.

Complete PSAT Prep: This test prep option provides classroom facility anywhere. This is made possible via internet. However, you have to attend classes at specific times i.e. for fixed time duration and the days scheduled by the organizers of this program. You can interact with the mentors as well as your peers through online chat.

PSAT Private Tutoring: This PSAT prep option provides one-to-one tutoring service to the PSAT aspirants. Thus, you can get personal attention by your mentors. This aids you in assessing your strengths and weaknesses easily; and thus, helps you in overcoming your weaknesses and getting good scores in the PSAT.

You can get more information by opening the link

The Princeton Review for The PSAT:

This company offers PSAT prep classes through the following test prep options:

Private Tutoring: You can avail a tutor exclusively for you. The tutor will guide you throughout the program and will help you in assessing your weaknesses. This PSAT prep option is also convenient as you can attend online classes according to the schedule that suits you.

Small Group Instructions: This test prep option offers PSAT prep classes in a small group. You can have 2-3 peers for discussion. This helps you in acquiring important concepts.

PSAT 101: This test prep option provides PSAT prep classes that consist of review of all the topics covered in the PSAT followed by practice questions. This is good for both those who are taking the test for the first time and those who have taken the PSAT earlier; and want to score very high in the exam to get eligible for the NMSQT (National Merit Scholarship Qualifying Test). The instructions are given within a small group of students. These PSAT prep classes target the above-average students.

PSAT Online: This test prep option offers facility for PSAT preparation according to your level of intelligence and your convenience to access classes.

You can log on to the webpage if you want to access information in detail.

Online preparation for PSAT has got popular in the present time. If you access test prep websites through internet, you can get information about many useful PSAT prep classes that provide you guidance towards planning for the PSAT.

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