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Which PSAT Prep Class Shall Suit Your Budget?

PSAT is a very competitive test for which you have to prepare with utmost dedication and careful planning. You must be very competent in order to score well in the PSAT. Though the syllabus for PSAT is all what you learn at your regular classes in school, you require an extra edge to attempt the paper with more speed and accuracy. Only a good PSAT prep class would help you achieve that extra edge. There are many PSAT prep classes available currently. But choosing a PSAT prep class also depends upon your personal factors. So, the following presented information will help you choose the right PSAT prep class for yourself.

One of the main deciding factors in selecting a PSAT prep class is budget. We usually decide many things in our daily life by first carving out the budget. So, by considering this factor as the main aspect, some PSAT prep classes currently available are being discussed for your benefit.

Excel Test Prep

Excel Test Prep is a coaching institute offering PSAT prep class services primarily in the USA. However, you can even request for an online PSAT prep course from them. Convenience, flexibility and affordability are what they promise to deliver to the students who take coaching there. They have a combined course structure for both PSAT/SAT. They provide four full-length official College Board practice tests with computerized feedback and 1200 page course materials. The PSAT online course at Excel Test Prep is characterized by coaching through videos. You can contact them by phone to get registered. You can even watch the demo video at their official website. The following links help you know more about the services they offer:

Educational Services Center

The Educational Services center is a leading PSAT/SAT training institute with over 100 locations around different states in the USA. They are exclusively pioneered in training students for PSAT/SAT. It was established in 1977 and boast of distinguished expertise in training students for PSAT. They also promise to provide free extra help before or after your PSAT prep class at their coaching institute. Their student reports confirm that score increments as high as 150-300 points could be made possible. They further assure that they would not mislead the students by helping them learn shortcuts for achieving high scores. They firmly believe in a conceptual teaching style thereby giving the students the extra knack for solving questions. You can visit the following link to know more about their course structures:

Light House Learning Center

Light House Learning Center is yet another coaching institute that boasts of the least fees for the PSAT preparation programs they provide in comparison to that of Kaplan and The Princeton Review. Their PSAT program is inclusive of 27 hours of classroom training and is priced at US $325. Also, they promise to offer scholarships for the students who are bright enough. The class sizes at this coaching center vary from 5 being the least to 20 being the highest. So, you can be assured of more focus upon you. They also provide private tutoring for the candidates who wish to have extra guidance and they are also priced reasonably. They promise to provide you 6 full-length free practice tests at the least per year. You can visit the following link to know more about this coaching center:

Bright Storm’s Online Learning Network

This is a privately owned learning network that offers tutorials for students who are preparing for various entrance examinations for affordable prices. You can visit the following link to know more about this network.

The above mentioned are some of the institutes which provide PSAT prep class programs for affordable prices. However, these are not the best ones currently available. The leading PSAT prep class trainers in the market include Kaplan, The Princeton Review which are priced at the range of US $800-US $1000. This might be a high price for some because the course prices at the above explained affordable institutions widely range between US $200- US $500. There would, however, be a considerable difference pertaining to coaching in such famous institutes. You can even buy guides that are released by these famous institutes.

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