PSAT Prep Book

Steps Involved in Selecting the Best PSAT Prep Book for You

PSAT is an exam where you would have to face stiff competition. For you to overcome the high competition with ease and score well in the examination, it requires that you work very hard for the PSAT. Your hard work must always be characterized by planning and good support. You are solely responsible for planning your preparation whereas there are many sources through which you can get support for making your preparation process successful. Some students attend tutorial sessions for their PSAT preparation. Some others prepare by self. But for anyone who is preparing for the PSAT irrespective of the preparation mode they follow, a good PSAT prep book is must. A good PSAT prep book is the one that allows you to gain more knowledge and competence than any other source of preparation for any competitive examination.

How to Conclude That a PSAT Prep Book Is Good?

Follow the below mentioned steps to assess whether a particular book is good or not.

  • Very firstly, try to research about the author. If the PSAT prep book is published by the famous publishing houses, it is very likely that the author is very experienced. So, for others, you need to search for the expertise of the author which is usually mentioned.
  • Secondly, check whether the book covers the whole syllabus mentioned in the index completely. Some books although mention the syllabus, they don’t explain some topics. You must not take a chance here. So, check the syllabus covered by the book completely.
  • Thirdly, check whether all the elucidations for the problems or questions are given in an understandable way or not. Otherwise, it is better you avoid this particular PSAT prep book.
  • Finally, check whether enough practice questions and papers are given or not. The more practice you do, the more test taking ability you nurture. Hence, make sure that all the above mentioned criteria are met.
  • Some students might also check the prices. If you feel the book is overpriced, never invest. However, some overpriced books published by famous publishing houses are surely worth it.

Research and Education Association PSAT Guide

The PSAT prep book by the Research and the Education Association is a very comprehensive study guide that offers you a strict study plan, all the different sections’ subject reviews and practice questions to increase your competence levels. It is also equipped with scores of practice questions, each explained with correct answers for a better understanding. You also get a CD containing two tests; one is a diagnostic test and the other a timed full-length test for your practice. You can take the diagnostic test for estimation prior to your preparation and take the timed test for checking your performance levels post to preparation. This PSAT prep book is true value for your money.

Kaplan PSAT Guide

Kaplan is world-renowned test prep expert. They provide tutorials for students as well as release very profoundly helpful PSAT prep guides. Their PSAT guide is one of the best PSAT prep books available currently. This PSAT prep book presents to you a detailed explanation of the various concepts with solved examples. Furthermore, there are many practice questions for your practice. It also provides you with three full-length practice test papers so that you can assess your performance by testing for yourself. Also, you will be eligible to gain online help if you purchase this book. The best part of this PSAT prep book is that it is the cheapest of the top books league.

Cracking the PSAT/NMSQT

Cracking the PSAT/NMSQT is a PSAT prep book by The Princeton Review. It is very famous and is a very good guide. The most interesting part of this book is that you will be provided with many strategic tips and tactics which you can find nowhere. All the tips and problems are thoroughly explained for your understanding.

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