PSAT Practice Book

5 Steps for Selection of PSAT Practice Books

A PSAT practice book should be comprehensive, concise, in-demand and recommended by most of the PSAT teachers, websites or counselors. A PSAT practice book is the most important tool you need in the process of your PSAT preparation. It will explain to you the PSAT, the scholarship structure, the test questions types and most importantly, the pattern of PSAT. The PSAT practice book that you will buy, should contain some basic necessities or rather some fundamental features. Such features should be the standpoint, based on which, you should select your PSAT practice book. Following are some of the cardinal characteristics, a PSAT guide book must have:

  • Enough explanation about test sections, the question types, the subject matter covered in the PSAT and the test procedures, administration, etc.
  • Exhaustive study resources, covering up the syllabus covered in the PSAT sections. These study resources should be coupled with ample practice test questions and practice tests.
  • Relative popularity among the test takers, which portrays that it is favored by most of the students taking PSAT and that it is highly recommended and dependable.
  • A reasonable price tag. As you are not spending a fortune for prep courses, you can shell out a buck or two more for these helpful practice books. Hence, as you have a budget limitation, your PSAT practice book should be priced at a reasonable rate.
  • A recommendation by your teacher, counselor, head master or your PSAT instructor. It is only the experienced individuals who know best which PSAT practice book should be suitable for you.

Now that you know about the basic requisites of a PSAT study guide, let us now discuss about few of the PSAT guide books. They are:

  • Official Student Guide to the PSAT/NMSQT: this is the authorized PSAT study guide which is published by the creators of PSAT, i.e. the College Board. This PSAT practice book is often considered as the Bible for PSAT by all the past test-takers who have used it. It comes for free and is available in high school or from your PSAT counselor. It contains:
    • Tips and strategies for taking PSAT
    • Facts about the National Merit Scholarship Corporation (NMSC) programs
    • A full-length practice test paper

  • 11 Practice Tests for the PSAT, 2012 Edition: this PSAT practice book is a publication of the Princeton Review and is available in paperback or in its binding form. This practice books gives you a total of 11 practice tests for the PSAT, ten solved with answer keys while one is kept unsolved for you. It also offers you a summary of the test sections, scoring and fundamentals of PSAT. It comes at a price tag of $13.10, available online or in any general bookstores.

  • Gruber's Complete PSAT/NMSQT Guide 2012: the next in line of the PSAT study books is the Gruber's Complete PSAT/NMSQT Guide 2012 by Dr. Gary Gruber. Dr. Gary Gruber’s method of solving the PSAT test questions has been tested successful in the past and have helped in increasing the PSAT score manifolds. This guide book includes three full-length practice tests, in-depth analysis of the test sections and a complete review of the three (Critical Reading, Math and Writing Skills) test sections of PSAT. It comes at a price of $8.81.

  • Cracking the PSAT/NMSQT, 2012 Edition: the users of this book say that if you have to score high in PSAT, this is the book you should follow. They make this proposition for obvious reasons. Cracking the PSAT/NMSQT, 2012 Edition comes from the house of Princeton Review, popular in generating the best PSAT scorers in the past. This study book contains two full-length practice tests, a rigorous review and explanation of the three sections of PSAT, tips and strategies to deal with the question types of each PSAT sections, practice questions and all information that you need about the NMSC. It also contains the exclusive ‘Hit Parade’ which is an assortment of the most overused vocabulary in the past PSAT tests.

Hence, in the above-discussion, you get to know about the best PSAT practice book which is perfect for you and which promises to give you results. However, even though you have the guide books, you have to discipline yourself to practice in the exact fashion as directed in these guide books. Practice is the catchword for sure success in the PSAT.

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