Different Methods Of PSAT Registration

Registration for PSAT by Mail

This test is administered by the College Board twice in a year in the month of October on the third Saturday and on the Wednesday that precedes the third Saturday. For the year 2011, it was administered on 12th October, Wednesday and the 17th of October, Saturday. The dates for the year 2012 have also been released by the College Board. PSAT in the year 2012 will be administered on the dates of 17th October, Wednesday and on 20th October, Saturday.

PSAT Administration

Basically, it is offered by high schools for the candidates who are local to the region of that particular high school. Unlike SAT, PSAT is not directly administered by the College Board by allotting test centers for the students. You must take the test at a high school in your community or locale. Also, you can take the test in the school in which you study, provided that it administers the test on behalf of the College Board. It is offered by only those high schools in the USA that are members of the College Board. Furthermore, each high school is permitted to offer the test only on any one of the test dates specified.

How to Register?

It is very important for you to note that one cannot register for this test online as you can for SAT. You must approach the high school in your local community for getting registered. When you register, your details and request will be forwarded to the College Board by the high school in which you apply for the test. Then after processing your request, the College Board sends in the required material for testing to the high school of your choice.

Registration for Home Schooled Students

There are many students who pursue their schooling being at home. If you are a home-schooled student, then you must approach a principal or an academic counsellor at a local high school that administers the test and then request for processing your order. You must notify the high school about your choice of testing location for facilitating them with the timely ordering for you to have a hassle-free testing. Hence for home-schooled students, it is advised by the College Board that they start the registration process by early June so as to have a tension-free process. For more details regarding the home-schooled student’s ordering procedures, you can visit the following link:


International Students

If you are an aspirant hailing from outside USA, then you will need the help of an English speaking educator or counselor who will assist you through the process. He/she will help you register for the test, pay for it and receive the official guide on your behalf.

Also, there is a chance that you may be residing temporarily out of the USA though being a US student. In such cases, on your answer sheet, you will have to provide the code number of your school located in the USA, name and address of your school and the name and address of the school in which you are taking the test. For further information, you can visit the following link:


These are all the ways in which you can proceed with the registration process, depending upon your location and study structure. You must be cautious and conscious of all the important test dates and deadlines to have a smooth testing experience. You can visit the following link to keep track of all the important test dates and deadlines.