PSAT High Score

What Is a High PSAT Score

What Is a High PSAT Score?

The PSAT high score reflects a test taker’s optimal capability and readiness for higher college courses. As the minimum cut-off score is fixed at 201 for achieving a National Merit Scholarship, the test taker must score as high as possible to attain this cut off marks. Therefore, a PSAT high score would involve a score record of either 201 or more than that. Having a high sore in PSAT opens a host of scholarship opportunities for you.

Not only do you get to compete for the National Merit Scholarships, but also you can avail the scholarship programs, which are offered by other educational institutions or universities. As the colleges and universities purchase the merit list of students who scores high in PSAT, the students receive information brochures about the available scholarships based on his subject. Therefore, a PSAT high score mainly has its importance in achieving scholarships. The lowest score can range between the scale of 30-50 and the higher score is definitely a 99th percentile. The high score in PSAT is made on a percentile basis as it brings out the absolute worth of the test taker to enjoy a scholarship.

How Would High PSAT Scores Help You?

The PSAT has two major demands to fulfill. First, it lets you earn scholarships of best and reputed colleges, in which you dream to study. Second, it provides a picture of your possible SAT score. The PSAT or the Preliminary SAT or the National Merit Scholarship Qualifying Test (NMSQT) helps the test takers to face each of their career goals with utter success. Having a PSAT high score helps you in winning the competition for the scholarship. Following points are some ways by which PSAT high score aids you in your career.

  • Every year, the College Board gives away about 50000 scholarships for studying in college. The moment you cross the cut-off marks with a brilliant PSAT score, you come under the finalist group. Those test takers who score low, they come under the semi-finalist group. Hence, having a PSAT high score gives you a fair platform to be chosen for scholarship programs.

  • However, these semi-finalists get scholarship offer from other colleges and institution. If they have a strong background in extra curriculum activities and hails from a reputed high school, chances are high that they will get scholarships at other institutions. These institutions are always keen in recruiting the semi-finalists. In this case, a PSAT high score enables a direct advantage for getting high scores.

  • A PSAT high score also makes you confident to take the SAT as it helps you in understanding what to expect in SAT. Moreover, as the convention goes, whatever marks you get in PSAT, if a zero is placed beside the marks, then that portrays your probable SAT marks. If you have a high score in PSAT, then you can easily crack SAT as most of the question types are already known to you.

Where Would You Apply for Scholarship With a High Score?

Getting a PSAT high score definitely has applications. You can register for scholarship in reputed colleges and institutions like the Ivy League Schools, the Universities of London and Asia, etc. You can search a suitable college program after you log in to a College QucikStart online account. Find out all about the available seats in your selected universities and the types of scholarships offered by them. Remember, you application can only be accepted when you have a PSAT high score - the reason being less competition and higher chances to win scholarships.

Therefore, the above-mentioned facts show how important it is to score high in PSAT. Getting a PSAT high score is pretty easier, compared to the other College Board conducted exams. All you have to do is practice and keep your career goal fixed.

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