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How Does PSAT Help for High School Admission?

Many high school students dream of studying in a good college right after they complete their high school education. The fees for different colleges vary depending upon the quality of education they offer. To provide scholarship funding for bright students, the national merit scholarship corporation, conjoining with the College Board, administers the PSAT high school test as an entrance test to determine the capability of a student to enter the scholarship competition they organize as part of the national merit scholarship program. Hence, for such a program, it is evident that you would have to face stiff competition. The scores of PSAT high school test will not in any way be related to you admission process in any college.

Why Would PSAT Affect High School Admissions?

The competitive examinations on which many students from all over the world focus in their high school include SAT, PSAT and ACT. In many high schools currently, they provide coaching for these examinations. However, many students attend coaching tutorials apart from their high school academic classes. Certainly due to the growing demand for PSAT coaching, there is a wide impact upon the PSAT high school admission procedures. Through PSAT, only students of junior or senior year of high school will be eligible to enter the scholarship competition. But, PSAT is being attempted by students who are as younger as sixth graders. So, the principle reason behind these students attempting PSAT is nothing but SAT.

According to the College Board, PSAT is attempted annually by approximately 3.5 million students. Out of this large pool of students, only 1.5 million students enter the first round of scholarship competition. It can be roughly assumed that almost 20-30% of the students attempt PSAT to estimate their performance levels and prepare an action plan accordingly towards preparing for SAT.

High School PSAT Admissions

As explained above, many students start their preparations for PSAT and SAT right from their sixth grades. Obviously, for this reason, high school admissions would be affected. Therefore, based upon PSAT, high school admissions would see a change in students’ and parents’ perspectives. Some parents make their child undergo PSAT coaching right from the child's sixth grade. For this, parents would obviously search for a school that employs good tutors who can coach their students for PSAT. Or at least, they opt for schools which will encourage students to undergo coaching for the mentioned competitive exams.

PSAT high school admission procedures even differ due to localities. For example, Massachusetts is a very developed state in terms of students' competence compared to Mississippi. This conclusion can be drawn from the cut-off scores set by the NMSC in these two regions which is suggestively high in Massachusetts.

Influence of PSAT on High School Students and Admissions

PSAT high school test has a notable influence upon the students and eventually the high school admissions. The students during the process of the preparation for PSAT get stressed out. However, due to the competition they will have to face in the real world, they put in great deal of effort to score high in the PSAT.

PSAT consists of three sections namely the Critical Reading section, the Math section and the Writing Skills section. All the three sections are evaluated on a score scale of 20-80, eventually bringing the total PSAT evaluation score to 240. Hence, the scores of PSAT high school test range between 60 and 240. The PSAT consists of questions from the concepts of junior grade syllabi. The syllabus of PSAT will be covered in regular academics at high schools. But, the questions are not straight forward and require the student’s aptitude skills to solve them in an intelligent way. For this reason, many students take coaching. They would surely choose that high school in which test-oriented training is provided apart from teaching the regular academics.

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