PSAT Dates 2012

PSAT Dates in 2012 That Most Students Shall Prefer

The Test Dates for PSAT:

The PSAT or the National Merit Scholarship Qualifying Test (NMSQT) is a standardized exam to measure a student’s test taking ability on Critical Reading, Mathematics and Writing Skills. The PSAT takes place on the third Saturday of the month of October and its preceding Wednesday. Hence, the PSAT only takes place twice in a year. The PSAT Date 2012 therefore will be 17th and 20th October, 2012. Now, you can choose to take PSAT on either of these two dates. However, there are certain things you should keep in mind before choosing the dates. In addition, you have to know which date suits you the best. You should have a clear idea about the PSAT Dates 2012 which will be favorable to you.

Which Test Date Should You Choose?

You only have two options when it comes to choosing your PSAT dates 2012. However, you should know certain things about these two dates which might influence your selection.

The following facts relate to your selection of PSAT testing date:

  • You should select a PSAT testing date which your high school prefers. Your high school can choose any one of the PSAT dates 2012. In case the date, chosen by your high school, is in conflict with the date you wish to take PSAT, you can always shift to other high schools. You can choose to take PSAT in another high school, which chose the date which is favorable to you.

  • On Saturday, some of the religious communities may have their own issues. Often times, some test-takers are barred from taking the PSAT on Saturdays, due to religious sanctions and restrictions. In such an event, you can choose to take PSAT on the Wednesday, preceding the Saturday testing date.

  • All endeavors are made by the College Board to allocate a testing date, free from any religious observances or occasions. Nevertheless, like last year when the Jewish celebration of Sukkoth overlapped with the Wednesday testing date, this year there are no such cases. In this year, the Wednesday PSAT test date, 17th October till now is devoid of any religious activities. So, even if you face conflicts in taking PSAT on Saturday, you can always choose the Wednesday testing date out of the two PSAT dates 2012.

  • On certain occasions, the date you choose to take PSAT can be postponed. The reason for such circumstances can be unforeseen mishaps, epidemic illness, weather turbulences and other disturbances, failure of test administration and building malfunctioning. In such cases, your PSAT date can be postponed to Saturday. In case you are barred from taking the test on Saturday, you will be allocated another test date.

  • You can take the assistance of several education counselors while selecting your test dates. Remember, your selection of the PSAT dates 2012 is inclusive of all other important PSAT dates and deadlines. There exists a pretty big list of important PSAT dates which you must follow after choosing your PSAT test date.

  • You should take the PSAT in any of the two PSAT dates 2012 for a very obvious reason. The PSAT is called as the Preliminary SAT as it prepares you to face the challenges of SAT test. Just following your PSAT test, the SAT takes place. Hence, it would be most favorable for you to take SAT, right after you have taken PSAT. You will get your PSAT score within five weeks of your PSAT test date. Your score will reflect your readiness to take SAT and hence, selecting any of the two PSAT dates 2012 becomes an added advantage.

The PSAT is also known as the National Merit Scholarship Qualifying Test (NMSQT) which lets you be eligible for scholarship and fee waiving programs. The PSAT dates 2012 are designed in such a way, so that you can earn the scholarships just before you enter college courses, after taking SAT. Therefore, choose any of the PSAT dates 2012 and enjoy reaching your career goals.

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