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How do your PSAT Scores Matter in Admission

The Preliminary Scholastic Aptitude Test or PSAT is a standardized test that many students take in their junior or sophomore year of high school. A PSAT college admission test indicates how well prepared you are to take the SAT test. The PSAT college admission test is also a gateway to receiving fully funded scholarships for your college education.

Do PSAT Scores Affect Your Admission into College?

The PSAT college test is important because it is an indicator of your academic readiness for college. Colleges consider your SAT scores for admission to their institution. The PSAT test is more about diagnosing yourself regarding your preparedness for the SAT test. PSAT allows you to improve your scores based on how well you fare in the test. Your PSAT scores also tell you how well you have fared compared to other students. This will help you to analyze your course of study, how much time you need to devote, and the colleges you can aim to get admission to.

However, PSAT scores are important for achieving the scholarship amount to fund your higher education. Most full scholarships cover your boarding and book expenses in addition to your tuition fees, which makes it ever so important to score well in PSAT. Moreover, even if you have a high score but are not selected for a scholarship, the National Merit Scholarship Corporation (NMSC) sends you a Letter of Commendation that you can highlight in your application to colleges.

How to know whether you are ready for College?

The PSAT college readiness benchmark is an apt indicator of your preparedness for college. The PSAT college readiness benchmark includes scores that you must score or exceed in order to be considered ready for college education. You can evaluate your scores against the PSAT college readiness benchmark to be aware of your preparedness. The scores will help you plan and prepare yourself for the main test while you still have time to prepare.

Benefits of PSAT

  • The PSAT has many benefits but the primary advantage is to secure scholarship for your college education. College education is expensive and can run into thousands of dollars. In this scenario, a scholarship is a boon for many students, especially if they are fully funded scholarships.
  • Another important advantage of appearing for the PSAT is that you can receive a personalized report on your PSAT scores. The personalized report helps you to focus on your weak subjects and improve in other sections. The score report also includes a scale that highlights your stance among other students who have appeared for the test. Based on your scores, the report shows how well you have fared in comparison to other students. For example, if you have secured 50 in the Critical Reading section, the score might show that you have scored higher than 55% of your juniors.
  • Your skills are also measured and included in your score report so that you can understand your strengths and weaknesses and focus on these areas when you prepare for the SAT.
  • Students who appear for the PSAT can access the online My College QuickStart tool for free. You can use the tool to plan your career and search for colleges and courses. You also receive a personalized SAT study plan.
  • Taking the PSAT also enables you to receive information from colleges regarding their admission criteria to avail financial aid.

As is evident, the PSAT has many advantages and must be considered as an important part of your SAT preparation. Although colleges do not consider PSAT scores for admission purposes, the scores are highly beneficial for all the reasons discussed above. Therefore, it is important that you appear for the PSAT just you would for the SAT test.

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