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PSAT is administered by the College Board. They have launched an official PSAT website for facilitating the students to know and find any information pertaining to the PSAT in detail. The PSAT College Board official website can be accessed from the following link:

Basically, is the home for official website of the College Board. On this page, you can click on the respective links to access the information you require. For example, you require information regarding SAT, you can visit the SAT official website from here. Likewise, you can access the PSAT website. However, you can get detailed information by clicking on the Professional Development tab on the home page of the official College Board website. Here, on the top, different drop down menus are present. You can reach the PSAT/NMSQT related information page from the Testing tab.

Either way, you can access all the information pertaining to the PSAT.

PSAT College Board Home Page Features

Clicking on the link provided first in this article, you will be on the PSAT College Board official website. Here, you will be explained about the test. There are five tabs displayed on the top in five different colors to help access information regarding different aspects like the College Board Tests, Plan for College, Find a College, Apply to College and Pay for College. To the left side of the main article, you can find different links that lead you to different pages, each one of them containing information regarding the registrations and dates, My College Quick Start, Preparing, Scores and Reviews, Contact and tools. On the right hand-side of the main article, you will find a snippet that leads you to the registration page for the ‘My College Quick Start’.

Links to Important Test Information

The PSAT College Board website is designed with a high degree of web accessibility options for its viewers. You can just about reach any page right by clicking on the links provided to the left hand-side of the PSAT College Board home page. From every page, you can again view your location on the website from this bar only.

  • Clicking on the following PSAT College Board link, you can view the information regarding the test sections, syllabus, question types and the time allotted to each section.

  • Furthermore, on this page, you will have links to the question types. For example, the Critical Reading section consists of sentence completion questions.
  • This ‘sentence completions’ will be highlighted so as to be clicked. Clicking this link, you will be led to a page which provides you with a detailed explanation regarding the sentence completion questions asked in the PSAT and there will also be given model questions to make you clearly understand this particular question type.

Likewise, you can follow the following links to know more about the different PSAT procedures. Only some are provided. You can get more information on the PSAT College Board website - Registration information. - Test Dates information. - My College Quick Start information. - Scores and Reviews information. - Preparation information.

You can also find extensive information regarding the PSAT test procedures, dates, deadlines and more at the following link:

The following PSAT College Board link provides you with a tabular presentation of all the important dates and deadlines pertaining to the PSAT.

Downloads for PSAT

Usually the College Board provides many files which can be downloaded or printed for the benefit of the students. There are many files even for PSAT as such which can be downloaded to learn more about particular aspects of the test. The following PSAT College Board link helps you find all the downloadable files at one place in a tabular form.

Scholarship Related Information

The following links will help you know about the different scholarships that you will be offered through PSAT.

Also you can visit the official website of the National Merit Scholarship Corporation at the following link:

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