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The PSAT or the Preliminary SAT is an exam which lets the test-taker practice for taking SAT and for the eleventh graders, it is an opportunity to win scholarships for their college courses. It is in this context that the guide books for PSAT preparation have a major role to play. The PSAT books are equipped with ample guiding instructions, to get to the core of the PSAT syllabus. As the PSAT or the National Merit Scholarship Qualifying Test (NMSQT) only chooses the top percentile ranking eleventh graders for their scholarship programs, it is very important to choose the correct preparatory PSAT books. The PSAT books contain in them test questions and practice papers, which provide the test-taker enough scope to understand the meaning of the three sections of PSAT, namely the Critical Reading, Mathematics and Writing Skills sections.

What Are Some PSAT Prep Books?

The importance of the PSAT books has already been discussed previously. They bring to you an in-depth analysis of the three sections of the PSAT and include ample practice questions from the sections. In short, they are comprehensive PSAT books. The following are few of the best PSAT books:

  • Cracking the PSAT/NMSQT 2012 Edition: it contains the famous ‘Hit Parade’ or the list of important vocabulary and the guarantee of the Princeton Review. Besides the basic information about the PSAT and its sections, it contains a couple of full-length tests and practice questions, coming at a price of $7.69.

  • Barron’s PSAT/NMSQT 2012: many past test takers, who have used Barron’s PSAT, considers it as the manual for PSAT. Such a claim is due to the fact Barron’s PSAT/NMSQT 2012 almost discusses each of the PSAT sections in full details and features a commendable package of four full-length test papers. It comes at a price of $8.61.

  • Kaplan PSAT/NMSQT 2012 Premier: last but not the least the Kaplan PSAT/NMSQT 2012 Premier brings forward the essence of practicing exhaustive questions, to ace the PSAT. It comes at a price of $7.72 and it includes full-length practice tests, a hundred and a thousand Math questions and Vocabulary, respectively, review of the three PSAT sections and tips to use least time to solve the toughest questions.

The above-mentioned PSAT books are available in any general bookstore or online sites like amazon or eBay. However, just to make your work easier, there exist certain eBooks for PSAT which can be counted as reliable study resources too. Most of these books come in the PDF format. The E-books are:

  • McGraw-Hill's PSAT/NMSQT, 2ed Book: this PDF PSAT guide offers profound test taking strategies, rigorous explanation of PSAT sections, 4 sample PSAT practice tests with answer keys, and two additional diagnostic PSAT practice test, tips on scoring high and how to get ready for SAT. You can find it in here

  • Official Student Guide to the PSAT/NMSQT.pdf: this PSAT guidebook is one of the foremost recommendations by any counselor. It comes from the creators of the PSAT, i.e. College Board. It is available for download in the College Board website and hence there is no need to buy it. It features full-length practice test, information about the National Merit Scholarship Corporation (NMSC) and test-taking strategies. This is one of the best among the eBooks too. It contains basic information about PSAT and the NMSC, together with in-depth analysis of PSAT sections and practice tests. Just click here save the file in your computer.

  • PSAT-NMSQT Math Flashcards: Arithmetic Review--PSAT Prep Workbook 4 of 6 (Exambusters PSAT Prep-Study Guide-Review) [Kindle Edition]: it contains Arithmetic workbooks; fundamental, intermediate and advanced vocabulary and flashcard workbooks for Algebra and Geometry. Each of these sections has sufficient test questions and answer key. Find it here.

  • Shmoop PSAT Test Prep [Kindle Edition]: take this eBook to your class, in a plane or simply anywhere you travel. It contains 701 practice questions from the three PSAT sections, three full-length practice tests, 47 thorough review topics and test taking tips. Click here to download it.

Therefore, the PSAT books mentioned in this article are few of the best study resources and guides you may wish to buy to crack PSAT. Always remember, that it is your dedication and practice that make all the difference in your score. However, with a proper routine and aid of these PSAT books, you can do wonders. So Good Luck!

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