Accessing PSAT Answers

How to See PSAT Answers

The answers for the questions asked in the PSAT can be found in the College Board Website. Once you take the test, you must be very concerned about your scores. You need to see the answers and explanations for the questions and gauge your performance. Your performance in the test goes a long way to earn a scholarship program for your higher studies in college. This is a standardized exam for the 11th and 12th graders and other students, which reflects a test-taker’s preparation level and his/her probable score in the SAT. If you can remember your answers, you can tally them with the detailed answer report uploaded by the College Board website on the internet. The requirements for viewing your answers are a College Board account, the online access code and a preferential "My College Quick Start" account.

What Is the Procedure to Check the PSAT Answers?

You can check your answers after you log in to your College Board account. If you have no account, then create an account for yourself and then log in to check your answers. The website lets you view your answers along with their detailed explanation, lets you review your answers and provides clarification for your wrong responses. It also lets you view your scores, foretells your projected SAT scores and recommends the major courses or careers suitable for you.

Following are the steps by which you can find out the answers:

  • Go to the link: to log in to your account. In case you have not made an account, you have to sign up in the official website before logging in. You also have to enter the online access code. Your paper score sheet contains the online access code. The code will be at the bottom right corner of your paper score report. The code should begin with an alphabet, followed by eight numbers and ending with another alphabet. Hence, you have to enter this 10 character long online access code to unlock your answers.

  • The next step after you log in to your account would be to look for the ‘explanations’ bar in your PSAT Extra Page. You have to click the ‘explanation’ button to find out the details of your answers. However, once you click the ‘explanation’ button, you will be prompted to enter the password of your College Board account. Once you enter the password, you click ‘submit’ and then view the clarifications of your answers.

In this step, situation might arise where even after clicking ‘explanations’, you are redirected to the extra page. In such circumstances, delete the cookies and histories of your web browser and then try again.

  • An important fact to note is, once you log in to the account, you might be prompted to enter a code for verifying the day you took the test. When asked, enter 424S, if you had taken it on Saturday or enter 424W in case you took it on Wednesday.

The above-mentioned steps talk about the ways by which you can check the answers from the official website. However, there exist many other websites and forums on the net, which feature detailed explanation of the correct answers. Nevertheless, it is best to follow the suggestions and remarks of the College Board website, as it is the most authentic and reliable. The evaluation of the answers by the official website is the most consistent and dependable because they partly administer the test.