PSAT 2012 Dates

When Can You Take the PSAT in 2012?

PSAT is administered two times a year by the College Board and the National Merit Scholarship Corporation (NMSC) to provide the undergraduate students with scholarships as part of the National Merit Scholarship Program. The PSAT is usually administered in the October month of every year. The PSAT test for the year 2011 has already been administered. PSAT in 2011 was administered on October 12, Wednesday and on October 15, Saturday. For more information regarding the PSAT 2011 test dates, you can visit the following link:

In the above mentioned link, you will find important information regarding the test dates, test fees and fee waiver services. The explained services on the above page are also applicable for the test administered in the following mentioned PSAT 2012 dates.

PSAT 2012 Test Dates

PSAT 2012 dates for test administration have also been released by the College Board. The following are the two PSAT 2012 dates on which the test will be administered.

  • October 17, 2012, Wednesday.
  • October 20, 2012, Saturday.

When and Where Can You Take the PSAT?

You will have to choose one of the above mentioned PSAT 2012 dates and then apply for the PSAT. There are some important points to be noted while you apply for PSAT. You must essentially be aware of them. Unlike the SAT, PSAT is administered by the College Board through its member high schools. So, you would have to first reach the schools in your local community that offer PSAT and then enquire about the application procedures. Furthermore, the schools that offer the PSAT on behalf of the College Board will be allowed to offer the PSAT on only one of the above mentioned PSAT 2012 dates. Hence, you must choose the high school for testing that administers the test on the date of your choice.

Also, you cannot apply for the PSAT online. You will have to sign up for the PSAT in your high school if it is a College Board member or else can approach any other high school in your locale or your local community that administers the PSAT. Once your application is processed and confirmed, the test material would be shipped to the high school in which you have applied to take the test.

You must start planning for PSAT 2012 dates on which the test will be administered well ahead. This is because you must know which high school in your local community offers the test on the test date of your choice. Moreover, the test date deadlines for some important services like the fee waiver service, exception to scheduled test dates etc are well ahead of the PSAT 2012 dates for testing. For example, to request a fee waiver, you must log on to the PSAT Coordinator site by before June 15. You can visit the following link to apply for the fee waiver service:

Hence, it is advised that you start your application process well ahead.

PSAT 2012 Dates Explained

The PSAT 2011 is already completed and the results for the PSAT 2011 will be released by early December. You can view your scores online right from early December to the end of February. The students who clear the PSAT 2011 enter the scholarship competition which will be held in the year 2011. So, in the months of January, February and March, different types of score reports like Summary of Answers and Skills report, Optional Reports are made available. In the month of January, you can view Summary of Answers and Skills (SOAS) report online. The extended deadline for ordering the optional PSAT/NMSQT reports is February 24, 2012. By March through May of 2012, the scholarships will be awarded. Likewise, there are other important deadlines in the 2012 year. You can visit the following link to know more in detail about the deadlines in the PSAT 2012 dates.

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