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The PSAT is an entrance test administered by the College Board and the National Merit Scholarship Corporation to filter candidates of high schools and determine their eligibility to enter the scholarship competition of the National Merit Scholarship Program in the US. The students fulfilling the respective criteria are also eligible to apply for the scholarships awarded by the National Hispanic Recognition Program (NHRP), National Scholarship Service (NSSFNS) and the Telluride Association’s scholarship program. Only high school students are eligible for being an entrant to the scholarship competition. However, PSAT is attempted by students of sixth to tenth grades for assessing their performance levels. This is because the PSAT paper is modeled in parallel to that of the SAT. This helps the students to know about their existing abilities and the efforts they need to put in.

PSAT 2011

The dates for the PSAT 2011 have been released by the College Board and could be found on the official website of SAT at the following link.

The PSAT 2011 is administered only two times. The test dates for the PSAT 2011 are Wednesday, October 12, 2011 and Saturday, October 15, 2011.

Test Fees and Other Information

The test fee for the PSAT 2011 is US $14 per answer sheet submitted for scoring. Furthermore, the PSAT 2011 is not offered in select test centers by the College Board as they administer the SAT. It is administered by the high schools in your community which are the members of the College Board. Hence, the respective high school in which you take the test might charge you with an additional fee against the administration costs. The students taking the test in schools located outside the US, its territories and Canada will be charged an additional fee of US $3 against shipping for each answer book.

You can also request for fee waiver services offered by the College Board. It can be availed by providing your details at the PSAT/NMSQT coordinator site. You can find the information related to this service at the link to the coordinator site at the following link:

Test Sections of PSAT

The PSAT 2011 consists of three sections. They are the Math section, Critical Reading section and the Writing Skills section. The test is timed for a total duration of two-hours and ten-minutes. Each of the above mentioned sections is evaluated on a scale of 20-80 points and hence the maximum score would be 240 points.

Section-wise Information

The Math section of the PSAT 2011 consists of questions based upon the basics of numbers and operations, algebra and functions (leaving out the higher levels asked in SAT), geometry and measurement, data analysis, statistics and probability. The math section consists of multiple choice questions and student-produced responses. The multiple choice questions consist of five answer choices from which one must be selected. The student produced response type of questions need to be answered by entering the answers in the grid provided to you.

The Critical Reading section of the PSAT 2011 consists of sentence completion and passage based reading questions. All the questions in this section are multiple choice questions. A complex sentence with one or two blanks will be given and you will have to select the correct answer option that appropriately fills the given blank.

The Writing Skills section of the PSAT 2011 consists of questions based upon error identification in sentences, improving sentences, and improving paragraphs. This section of PSAT 2011 alsoconsists of only multiple choice questions.

The most important point to be kept in mind is that all the questions except the student-produced responses of PSAT 2011 carry negative marking. 1/4th of the marks allotted will be deducted if you mark a particular question wrong. Hence, be cautious, prepare well for the exam and do your best!

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