Preparing for PSAT

Self-Study for PSAT

Studying in top-notch universities is everyone’s dream. Right after you complete your high school, you must take the SAT and the score you obtain decides your admission into a college. In many such good universities, the fees are normally very high. For helping the students who cannot afford their education, the National Merit Scholarship Corporation (NMSC) located in the USA funds them based upon their skills. They measure the skill of a student by administering a test called PSAT which stands for Preliminary SAT. The students who clear this entrance exam and the further testing rounds will be awarded scholarships.

Scope of PSAT

The PSAT is administered by the College Board and the NMSC. It is administered two times in a year. PSAT is attempted annually by approximately 3.5 million students. Out of all the test takers, only 50% or almost 1.5 million students get a chance to enter the further rounds of the scholarship competition which is a part of the National Merit Scholarship Program. It is stated by the College Board that only 15000-16000 of all the test takers enter the final round of the scholarship competition. So, you can just imagine the scope of the competition for PSAT. Hence, for you to get through, preparing for PSAT in a planned manner is quintessential.

How to Prepare for PSAT?

Preparing for PSAT mustbe essentially characterized by immense dedication and commitment towards the exam. There are many different ways in which students prefer preparing for PSAT. Some go to coaching tutorials, some prepare by subscribing to online video tutorials and some prepare by self. Hence, preparing for PSAT depends upon your ease and feasibility. Usually, it is advised that you prepare for the PSAT by attending a coaching institute. This is because coaching institutes would provide you a better learning atmosphere with experienced teachers and study materials prepared by experts. Although, many students are opting for online video tutorials these days because of the advantage of learning right from your home. These online tutorial institutions provide you with comprehensive learning sessions and good test materials. However, if you feel that these modes of preparation are over-priced for your situations and are confident that you can manage preparing for PSAT by self, then you can go ahead.

Self-Study for PSAT

You can start preparing for PSAT by self keeping in mind some important points all through your preparation process. The following tips help you to gain more competence and confidence to do your best.

  • You must very firstly estimate all your abilities and discrepancies. You must have a very thorough idea upon what your strengths and weaknesses are without which you will fail in allocating time in an effective manner. So, for this, take a diagnostic test and assess your skills. It is advised that you take a series of tests to have a better reflection of your performance.
  • You must find the right preparation guide for preparing for PSAT. This takes some of your research on the various books that are currently available. Make sure that you get a preparation guide that best explains the concepts and provides you with many practice questions and tests. You can go online or rely upon the feedbacks from your seniors for this.
  • The most important points to be remembered of all are time management and practice. Only practice would help you achieve your target. A vigorous practice will help you gain more knowledge as well as competence. You must manage your time well. Every one of us apparently knows the importance of time.
  • Since, you prepare by self, you must also inspire and motivate yourself in times you feel down. Never be discouraged when you score low. Be unflinching towards your goal.
  • The last point is keeping yourself consciously confident at the time of your exam. No matter how hard you prepare, your performance in the exam is what that counts.
  • Be confident, be dedicated and try hard. You will surely achieve a great score.

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