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Prepare for PSAT with Virtual Tools

Studying for PSAT:

PSAT is one of those exams, which objectively defines a student’s strengths and weaknesses on three particular sections, namely the Critical Reading, Mathematics and Writing Skills. It gauges a test-taker’s skills in handling questions from these three sections of PSAT. The PSAT or the Preliminary SAT helps the test-takers to have an idea about what to expect in SAT. It prepares a student for the next level of standardized admission tests. The PSAT is also known as the National Merit Scholarship Qualifying Test (NMSQT). If a test-taker crosses the average cut-off score of 201 in PSAT, then he becomes eligible for college level scholarships. Therefore, you need to prepare for PSAT with utmost dedication and faith. To prepare for PSAT, using virtual means,you need to learn some techniques and follow some online guides to get started. In this following article, you will know just the same, about how you can use online study resources to prepare for PSAT.

What Resources to Use for Preparation?

The three sections of the PSAT measure your vocabulary, reasoning power and interpretive reading skills. In order to ace in this test, you need to have a clear perception of the test in the first place. In order to have that clear idea of PSAT, many study tools and services are available online. They show you the way to prepare for PSAT, giving you ample study resources and practice papers to aid you in your preparation process. Also, there are certain online preparatory courses, which you can opt for to prepare for PSAT. Following are some online study materials, which aid you in your PSAT preparation:

  1. Official Student Guide to the PSAT/NMSQT: this is the best preparation resource to prepare for PSAT. It is the original study guide, published by the creators of PSAT, i.e. the College Board. It features detailed description and study plans for each of the three sections of the PSAT. It provides explanation of types of PSAT questions and includes a practice test for your better understanding of the test. The Official Student Guide to the PSAT/NMSQTis one of the best study resources available for PSAT.

  2. Study Guide Zone:another place to study for PSAT is the Study Guide Zone. This is where you will get links to prepare for PSAT sections and also practice questions for each of these sections. It will provide answer keys and explanations for the same. It includes a general PSAT study guide, practices for three sections, test information for PSAT and practice questions for PSAT.

  3. Online Study Center from LavaMind: theOnline Study Center from LavaMindis the next in line of the PSAT study resources. The study center run by the LavaMind includes tactics, tutorials, resources, and vocabulary and practice questions which guide you through your PSAT preparation. It is recommended by most of the teachers.
  4. Official College Board Practice Questions from Each Section: this practice guide book again comes from the house of College Board, which gives you authentic questions and practice tests, for each of the sections in PSAT. The Official CollegeBoard Practice Questions from Each Sectioncontains similar type of test questions from each PSAT sections which you may face in the actual test. Be it the Critical Reading, Mathematics or Writing Skills question types, respectively, this official test guide furnishes you everything.

  5. Kaplan Free Practice Test and Strategies: as mentioned earlier, there are even online study courses which you may use to prepare for PSAT. The Kaplan Free Practice Test and Strategiesis one such study course, which lets you predict the PSAT questions, aids you to scrutinize your results and teaches you the ultimate test taking tips and strategies.

Therefore, to prepare for PSAT, you need to know what it is and what questions it carries. For this, if you are taking the help of online tools and services, the above-mentioned study resources are always at your disposal.

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