Perfect Score PSAT

10 Steps to Attain the Perfect PSAT Score

The concept of perfect score PSAT varies with PSAT aspirants. If you want to qualify for the NMSQT (National Merit Scholarship Qualifying Test) that is organized by the NMSC (National Merit Scholarship Corporation), you have to achieve a good score and the score that makes you eligible for the award of scholarship, would be the perfect score for you. However, for those who aspire to obtain the highest possible scores, consider the upper limit of the PSAT score range i.e. 20 to 80 score points as the perfect score PSAT.

Ten Steps to Attain the Perfect PSAT Scores

In order to obtain the perfect PSAT score, you can follow the following steps:

  1. Take PSAT at Right Time

    Take PSAT during your sophomore year of high school as well as during your junior year of high school. If you take this exam during the sophomore year, you will get ideas of test pattern and types of questions that are asked in the PSAT. This provides you chance on scoring high during the junior year of high school. However, if you wish to enter the competition for the award of scholarship by the NMSC (National Merit Scholarship Corporation), you have to take the PSAT/ NMSQT (National Merit Scholarship Qualifying Test) again during your junior year of high school.

  2. Consider Score Report Plus

    In case of retaking the test, you can obtain a perfect score PSAT by considering your Score Report Plus. It not only informs you about your scores but also gives you feedback that helps you assess your weaknesses and overcome them. The Score Report Plus supplies the original PSAT paper with your answers and the right answers to questions. You can refer to the webpage to get information in detail.

  3. Register to My College QuickStart

    If you want to get a perfect score in PSAT, you can register yourself to My College QuickStart program. It lets you take a diagnostic test first. This helps you in assessing your strengths and weaknesses. Thus, based on your weaknesses, several practice questions are given to you. To get detailed information you can open the link

  4. Strengthen your PSAT Vocabulary

    You can strengthen your vocabulary both online and through books to get a perfect score PSAT. The vocabulary can be strengthened online using software such as Ultimate Vocabulary. This not only provides meanings and usage of words in sentences but also offers tips to memorize the words. To get more information you can log on to the webpage You can also refer to books such as Barron’s SAT Vocabulary Flash Cards written by Sharon Weiner Green M.A., Vocabulary Cartoons: SAT Word Power written by Sam Burchers, etc. You can open the link to get more information.

  5. Join the Best PSAT Prep Classes

    You can consult some of the best PSAT prep classes such as College Board, Kaplan, The Princeton Review etc. to obtain a perfect score PSAT. They provide access to:

    • several practice questions and complete explanations of their answers
    • guidelines to crack different types of questions asked in the PSAT
    • expert mentors who help in assessing your weaknesses and the ways to overcome them

  6. Join Social Networking Websites

    You can join social networking websites such as Face book, Twitter, Google+, etc. and can form a group to discuss topics with other PSAT aspirants.

  7. Consult PSAT Books

    If you want to get a perfect score PSAT, you have to consult the best books available online and in bookstores. College Board, the official website of PSAT, has created The Official Student Guide for PSAT/NMSQT. This book provides access to several practice questions, full-explanations of answers to the questions; and tips to handle different types of questions.

  8. Practice within Time Limit

    You need to practice full-length sets under the actual test conditions i.e. you have to keep track of the time within which you have to complete your practice sets. Then only, you can complete the actual test on time.

  9. Take Care of Negative Markings

    To get a perfect score in PSAT, you have to attempt questions carefully. All the questions except for the Student-Produced Response questions contain negative markings.

  10. Other Points to be Taken into Consideration
    • Read instructions carefully.
    • Approach easy questions first, and then move to medium level questions; and finally, attempt tough questions.
    • Do not waste time on confusing questions. Attempt them at the end of exam.
    • Read instructions carefully before you begin to fill answers in grids provided on the answer sheet.

PSAT is a high-grade exam that is taken by high school students. It is not easy to get success in the exam unless you follow the steps for scoring high in the PSAT. Thus, the above-mentioned steps clearly helps you in getting the perfect score PSAT.

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