Perfect PSAT Score

5 Mistakes You Should Avoid to Obtain Perfect PSAT Score

Just completed your PSAT registration and do not know how to score well in PSAT? Here’s an article to show you the perfect PSAT score that you can earn and the mistakes you should not commit to earn it. The PSAT or the Preliminary SAT is a competitive test for the National Merit Scholarship Corporation (NMSC) programs among the eleventh graders and it is a preparatory test for taking SAT. The PSAT is conducted on the third Saturday of October and its preceding Wednesday, each year.

What Is the Perfect PSAT Score?

Your performance in this test will only be reflected by your PSAT score and if you achieve the perfect PSAT score, you will stand a direct chance to win the NMSC scholarships. The perfect PSAT score is 240. The PSAT includes three sections, namely Critical Reading, Mathematics and Writing Skills, which are scored on a scale of 20 (minimum) and 80 (maximum). Summing up the scores you get in these three sections, one gets the total score and if the total score is 240, i.e. you scored full points in three sections, then you will achieve the perfect PSAT score.

How Would You Get Perfect PSAT Score?

The journey towards the perfect PSAT score completely depends on your dedication towards the exam. Even the most disciplined test-takers, might not get the perfect score in PSAT. According to surveys, on an average, about 100 test-takers get the perfect score. Hence, all you have to do, thoroughly and religiously, is to practice and study. These are the two fundamental catchwords, which will take you to the perfect score of 240. However, often test-takers make certain mistakes, which hamper their chance to get the perfect score.

5 Mistakes You Should Avoid to Obtain Perfect PSAT Score:

Below are five reasons which reduce the possibility of a test-taker to score a perfect 240 in PSAT. You should pay close attention to these reasons as they show you the silly mistakes that one may commit, if one is casual to the approach of PSAT preparation.

  • Leave Nothing for a Chance:most of the times, the test-taker might feel overburdened with the PSAT syllabus and switch to selective studying. It is important to warn you that this is one of the unhealthiest practices which threaten your opportunity of a perfect PSAT score. Practice sumptuous practice questions for each of the three sections of the PSAT, from wherever possible.

  • There’s Nothing Like Last-Minute Study:you cannot afford to leave some topics at the mercy of the last few weeks before the PSAT exam. That is a suicidal idea as it will only pressurize your brain at the last moment. It is recommended that you start early, say at least three months before, for PSAT preparation. Starting early is the essence of a perfect PSAT score.

  • Lay stress on vocabulary:about two-third of the PSA test comprises of vocabulary. Do not make the mistake of having a careless attitude towards vocabulary. With the time you have in hand, make flashcards or lists of important vocabulary. It would be even better, if you buy prep books of Kaplan, Barron, Princeton Review, etc which contains assorted vocabulary lists.

  • Work out sample papers:many choose not to work out enough sample papers as they are satisfied with the only sample test, provided in the Official Student Guide to the PSAT/NMSQT. However, do not commit this flaw and buy practice papers or get them in guide books for PSAT.

  • Timing yourself: another important aspect for making it to the perfect PSAT score is timing yourself. Test-takers often oversteps their time limit while solving PSAT sample tests and they often do not take necessary actions to avoid this mishap on the test day. Hence, it is an early advice, that you should read about tips and strategies to solve PSAT questions and complete the test within the time limit. Remember, you can only get the perfect PSAT score of 240 when you can finish the paper, before the bell goes off!

So there you have the mistakes which should be avoided at the best, if you wish to score the prefect 240 in PSAT. Remember, it is only practice that can sharpen your skills and earn you high reward points. The same applies to PSAT. The more you practice, the more you get the kernel of PSAT. It is not impossible to achieve the perfect PSAT score. You just have to follow a study routine and keep an eye on your loopholes.

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