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PSAT stands for Preliminary SAT and is an entrance test administered by the College Board. It is co-sponsored by the National Merit Scholarship Corporation (NMSC). It is administered for the students of various grades starting from the sixth to the high school juniors and seniors. The PSAT is primarily administered to determine the high school junior students’ eligibility to enter the scholarship competition offered by the National Merit Scholarship Program in the USA.

PSAT 2011

Online PSAT scores are available though there is no online registration available for the PSAT. The PSAT is a test that runs for a duration of two-hours and ten-minutes. It is administered twice in a year. It is generally administered in the month of October. The dates for the PSAT 2011 have been released by the College Board. You can find the test dates’ related information on the page of the following link.

Where Will Your Online PSAT Scores Lie?

The scores of the PSAT will be released by early December. The Online PSAT scores would be available to you from the release date in early December till February. Since many of the students who attempt the PSAT consider it to be a warm-up test for the actual SAT, the online PSAT scores are also presented by the College Board in a way to reflect the students’ performance comparing them in relation to that of fellow test takers. Students who take the PSAT/NMSQT are allowed to access College Board’s ‘My College Quick Start’ free of cost. Availing the ‘My College Quick Start’, you can know your online PSAT scores from the‘MyOnline Score Report’. Through this, you get a more enhanced and effective score report from which you can review the whole of your test paper. You can know the answers you have marked against each test question and the correct answers pertaining to the ones you have attempted wrong and the correct explanation for them. In this way, your online PSAT scores present you with a comprehensive understanding of the whole test paper.

Additional to your online PSAT scores, ‘My College Quick Start’ offers you other services like ‘My SAT Study Plan’, ‘My Personality’, ‘My Major and Career Matches’, ‘My College Matches’. ‘My SAT Study Plan’ is a custom made preparation plan for SAT based upon your performance in the PSAT.

How to Obtain Your Online PSAT Scores?

To obtain your online PSAT scores, you will have to log on to the ‘My College Quick Start’ page. Follow the following given link to reach the page.

On the above page, you will have two options. One is to obtain your online PSAT scores by entering your Online Access Code. You can find your unique Online Access Code on your PSAT Paper Score Report. If you cannot find your unique Online Access Code, you can skip to the second option. The other method of accessing your online PSAT scores is by signing in to your College Board account.

This way, you can access your online PSAT score report. Once you get access to your online PSAT scores, you can see your scores section-wise and also know your projected score of SAT. You can review each and every question. You can get percentiles which will help you understand more about your performance based upon the scores obtained by other students who have taken the test along with you. You can kick-start your practice for SAT with hundreds of practice questions provided to you. You can even take a personality test to find majors and careers that suitably fit you. You must also refer to the Score Report Plus to get better idea of what your score numbers truly mean. It gives you a better understanding of your scores, your ranges, percentiles, skills, answers and what to be done next.

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