Highest PSAT Score

5 Tips to Achieve Highest PSAT Scores

PSAT, as we all know, is a very competitive exam. It can be called a highly competitive test rather than a tough test. It is true that PSAT is not a tough exam provided you plan and implement your plans for your preparation precisely. Achieving highest PSAT score is what many students aim. Below, we will discuss what generally is the highest PSAT score and what we should do to achieve it.

What Is the Highest PSAT Score?

To quote a numerical figure, we can say that the highest PSAT score achieved in PSAT is 240. However, considering the percentiles, according to the 2010 score statistics drawn out by the College Board suggests that, those students whose score lie between 224 and 240 were awarded 99+ percentile. Considering this highest PSAT score, the students who fall back 224 are graded accordingly. In the year 2010, the students who scored between 224 and 213, excluding both the scores, received 99 percentile. You can view the following link to understand more in detail about the highest PSAT score that is achieved and is achievable.


From the statistics, it is very obvious that you will have to work very hard to achieve the highest PSAT score. However, understanding the PSAT scores in a broader way, you will know some important aspects that will help boost your confidence. The primary aim of the PSAT administration is to short-list students who will be eligible for the scholarship competition organized by the National Merit Scholarship Corporation (NMSC). If you think that achieving highest PSAT score is not possible for you, it is always sufficient for you to achieve a score that would make you eligible for the scholarship.

How to Achieve Highest PSAT Score?

Actually, score thresholds set by the NMSC to shortlist candidates for the scholarship competition vary depending upon the area under consideration. It you hail from Mississippi, the score threshold would be different from the cut-off score you will have to obtain if you hail from Florida. This difference depends upon many factors like the number of schools present in the city and the number of students who have taken the PSAT. Hence, the cut-off scores in different cities vary widely. Typically, the score that would make you eligible for the scholarship lies in between 200 and 220.

Achieving highest PSAT score purely depends upon the effort that goes into your preparation. You will have to be conceptually sound at the same time being competently fast in solving questions accurately. You cannot just mug-up some strategic tactics and then score high. In fact, a tip that you learn can be used efficiently only when you could clearly understand what the concept implies. Otherwise, it is very likely that you would cram everything up. So, working relentlessly with dedication and commitment will certainly get you to the top.

5 Steps to Achieve PSAT Scores

Following mentioned are important tips which you must for sure follow to realize your dream of achieving the highest PSAT score.

  1. Concentration – You must always stay concentrated and conscious towards the whole process of you preparation. You must observe the mistakes you make and try not to ever repeat them again. You must be conscious about the whole syllabus and anything concerned to your examination.
  2. Vigorous Practice – Practicing vigorously can make you more competent and able as a test taker. It gives you both knowledge and competence.
  3. Attitude – You must be very much goal oriented and must be firm in your decisions.
  4. Unwavering Aim – Even though you might score low sometimes, you must not waver and must stick on to your aim of achieving highest PSAT score.
  5. The Day of the Exam – This is the most important moment of all. No matter how much knowledge you have gained and how intelligent you are, your performance on this day is what decides your fate. So, stay cool and confident to reach your goal.

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