Good PSAT Scores

Why are Good PSAT Scores Required?

Students take PSAT i.e. Preliminary SAT so that they can get an idea of the test pattern and the types of questions that are asked in the SAT. It is important to get good PSAT scores as they assure you of your success in the SAT.

PSAT Scores

Your PSAT scores are presented on a scale of 20 to 80.You can take the PSAT during your 10th grade (sophomore year) or during your 11th grade (junior year). The overall score of the PSAT is given in a percentile form.

Note: The percentile is a medium of conveying your performance among the total students who have taken the PSAT. For instance, if your percentile is 45, it means you have scored higher than 45 percent of the students who have taken the test.

Good PSAT Scores

The statistics of the PSAT scores of students show that during the year 2010 the juniors (11th graders) have scored average scores of 47 in the Critical Reading section, 49 in the Mathematics section and 45 in the Writing section. Besides, the average scores attained by the 10th graders i.e. sophomores during the same year were 43, 44 and 40 in the Critical Reading, Mathematics and Writing sections respectively. However, if you want to pass the NMSQT (National Merit Scholarship Qualifying Test) you have to score at least 67 in each of the major test sections of the PSAT thus, making a total of 201 score points. This 201 represents your Selection Index that is reported along with your PSAT percentile.

Note: The Selection Index is the sum total of the scores obtained in each of the PSAT test section.

Thus, it is obvious from the above discussion that if you want to qualify for theNational Merit Scholarship Qualifying Test (NMSQT) of the NMSC (National Merit Scholarship Corporation), you have to obtain good PSAT scores.

Why are Good PSAT Scores Required?

The NMSC prefers those students for the award of scholarship who have achieved good PSAT scores.In order to participate in the competition it is ideal to take the PSAT during your 11th grade so that you are eligible for the award of the National Merit Scholarship during your 12th grade; and thus, can get financial aid for your graduate level study.

How can you Achieve Good PSAT Scores?

If you want to get good PSAT scores, you can join PSAT prep classes. Some of the best test prep options are listed below:

  • College Board Test Prep Plans

    You can refer to the PSAT Official Student Guide. It offers you:

    • Full-length practice tests
    • Tips to solve difficult questions
    • Complete answers with explanations for each practice question
    • Information about the National Merit Scholarship Qualifying Test (NMSQT)

    If you want to gather more information, you can visit the link

  • Kaplan’s Test Prep Plans

    Kaplan offers various test prep plans for getting good PSAT scores viz PSAT on Demand, Complete PSAT Prep, Tutoring etc.

    • The PSAT on Demand plan encompasses online access to the PSAT prep classes anytime (24/7 access) and from anywhere.
    • The Complete PSAT prep comprises online access to the guidance provided by experts but Kaplan fixes the schedules for these classes. You can interact with the mentors as well as your peers through online chat.
    • The PSAT tutoring entails one-to-one tutoring that is customized to your specific needs and your ability to learn new concepts.

    You can get details of the above-mentioned information on the webpage

The test prep classes mentioned above are not enough for getting good PSAT scores. You have to opt for other options such as working on vocabulary, joining online groups, referring to books, etc. You need to strengthen your vocabulary so that you can score high in the Writing section. You can also consider joining online communities, Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and other social networking websites so that you can interact with your peers and can also contact the subject experts. Moreover, you need to refer to several books (e-books as well as the books available in bookstores). Only then, you will be able to obtain good PSAT scores.

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