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Indispensible Downloads for PSAT

The College Board website is your hub of information which you can use to download PSAT information. The College Board website can be accessed at

Information for Students

You can use the links in the website to download PSAT information. The links are available according to your requirement. That is, if you are a student, you can download PSAT information related to you. This information will mostly include information about the test, the types of questions you can expect in the test, the question format, along with sample questions.

Information for Parents

The College Board website includes PSAT information for parents as well. Parents can download PSAT information and use it to guide their children through the PSAT and college preparation.

The PSAT Parent Perspective handout describes the transition from the PSAT to college. Parents can use this information to help children understand the importance of the PSAT test and help them to prepare for college. You can download this PDF from

Another useful handout for parents is the Parent Tutorial for Understanding PSAT/NMSQT. It includes feedback and PSAT scores and explains how to use the feedback to improve your scores in the SAT. It also describes how to plan for college. You can download this handout from

Information for Professionals

There is plenty of information available for professional, whether you are an education professional, a K-12 counsellor, or a K-12 teacher, you can find all the information you want in the website. You can download PSAT information for professionals, such as educators or administrators through the following link:

The most important guide for professionals is the Official Educator Guide that can be downloaded from The guide contains all the information you will need to understand the PSAT/NMSQT test. The guide includes tips for preparing students and their families and links to download PSAT information. It includes sample questions from the Critical Reading, Mathematics, and Writing Skills section. The guide includes information and instructions for students with disabilities. The Fee waiver section provides information about the eligibility for a PSAT fee waiver. The various tools to understand the PSAT/NMSQT results are listed comprehensively in a table, which also includes links to the tools on the College Board website.

A sample score report along with a sample case study is included to understand the PSAT score report. The estimated scores act as a guideline to prepare for the SAT. The estimated scores highlight the score range a student needs to achieve in each section to gain high scores in the SAT. The guide also includes the SAT calendar that informs you about the next available SAT dates. Thus, the Official Educator Guide is a comprehensive guide that covers all areas of information you need to know about the PSAT test.

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