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How Does the CollegeBoard Help PSAT Students?

Giving students a platform to shape their future in their own desired way and helping them realise their dreams, College Board has long been associated with the lives of school students, academicians and parents. The College Board website is home to a world of information and help on competitive tests for furthering academic interests, preparing for these tests and applying to colleges and universities after clearing the tests. The official Collegeboard PSAT website forms a small part of the College Board website’s numerous pages. The Collegeboard PSAT website helps students with all the information they need with regard to the National Merit Scholarship programs, how to prepare for the PSAT/NMSQT and college applications, admissions and funding.

Main Menu of Collegeboard PSAT Website

The main menu of the Collegeboard PSAT website tells us what the PSAT/NMSQT exam is all about, what it measures and what the common reasons for taking it are. The main menu also has multiple coloured tabs on the top of the page which inform students about various other ‘Collegeboard Tests’, help them to ‘Plan for College’, and eventually ‘Find a College’, ‘Apply to College’ and ‘Pay for College’ as well. There is a vertical list on the left side of the main page of the Collegeboard PSAT website, which has tabs like ‘About PSAT/NMSQT’ which has additional topics under it. There are also other tabs like Registration & Dates, My College QuickStart&™, Preparing, Scores & Review and information on how to contact PSAT/NMSQT officials.

  • About PSAT/NMSQT

    The first tab on the main page of the Collegeboard PSAT website is the one which answers all the queries on what the PSAT is all about; its sections, kinds of questions, duration of the test, information on the NMSC program and a lot more. Furthermore, this tab has topics like ‘What's on the Test’, ‘Scholarships & Recognition’, ‘MyRoad&™’ which is a college and career planning tool available to students who plan to take the PSAT. As calculators are allowed during the PSAT, ‘Calculator Use’ explains what kinds of calculators are allowed for the PSAT. The Official Student Guide is also an important book for the PSAT test-taker and information on it can also be found here.

  • Registration & Dates

    The second tab on the vertical list of the main page of the Collegeboard PSAT website informs about the PSAT registrations and dates. It also has a set of topics under it like, Test Dates & Fees, Home-Schooled Students, Students Outside the U.S., If You Missed the Test, Students with Disabilities, Student Search Service, which cover a host of queries which applicants often have with regard to a competitive exam and its registration procedures and dates. This tab also has a link which guides students towards information on test fees and what you should do in case you missed the test because of an illness.

  • My College QuickStart&™

    A career planning tool available to every PSAT test-taker, the My College QuickStart can be accessed either with the help of an online access code available in the test report or by simply signing up with your Collegeboard account. Once the applicant has logged in, he/she can see his/her scores and the projected SAT score (depending on their performance on the PSAT), review questions that he/she might have attempted incorrectly, practice for the SAT with hundreds of practice questions, save already made college searches and take a personality test to find majors and careers that fit the applicant.

  • Preparing

    This tab on the Collegeboard PSAT website has numerous sub-topics that help the student to prepare for the PSAT. Apart from informing the student on the kind of questions that will be asked in every component of the PSAT, there is a list of sample questions on every question type, practice questions from past tests and also tips on how to tackle each component of the PSAT.

  • Scores & Review

    Information on the scores and what they imply can be found in this tab of the Collegeboard PSAT website. There is also information on what the scores mean in relation to the NMSC and what all the score report consists of. Score Report Plus is an online tool which gives access to applicants to understand and receive feedback on their readiness for college-work based on their performance on the PSAT.

Apart from a world of information for applicants, the Collegeboard PSAT website also seeks to make applicants aware of what all they should consider while applying for college and whom to contact if they need help with their admissions or with college funding.

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