College PSAT

PSAT- What Do Colleges Expect?

How Are College Admission and PSAT Interlinked?

The PSAT helps you in getting scholarships and fee-waiving programs, which would assist you largely in your pathway to colleges. The process of admission to colleges generally commences from the time you take your PSAT in the fall of your junior year and finishes off no later than April of your senior year. Within the month of April, you will get to know whether you have qualified for the college of your choice. However, your PSAT score will not determine your college admission. It will only portray your expected performance in SAT and your eligibility to earn National Merit Scholarship. Hence, there is a good connection between college PSAT as the PSAT can predict your probable SAT score, which in turn allows you to choose a college for higher studies. Though this College PSAT association is indirect, it is significant.

What do the Colleges Anticipate From Your PSAT Score?

If you place a ‘0’ beside your Preliminary SAT (PSAT), you will get your feasible SAT scores. Based on this possible SAT score, the colleges purchase the mailing lists from the College Board authorities, which is the same company partly administering the SAT. The list contains the name of students, who have performed fairly well in PSAT and are even among the top-scorers. The Colleges judge your SAT score and send you information brochures to your address. Those students, who enroll in the Student Search Service, enjoy this facility of being contacted by the colleges. This is one more instance of college PSAT relation.

Where Is the Connection Between College Admissions and PSAT?

The PSAT satisfies two aspects of your educational life. The first involves getting the national scholarship or fee-reduction programs and the second is an idea how you will fair in SAT. Based on these two aspects, there are some important college PSAT ties. They are:

  • There are about 8200 national scholarships, which you can get, by your PSAT score. Moreover, in case you become a semi-finalist in the National Merit final list, there exists corporations who uses this opportunity and grants their own scholarship programs to you.
  • Most colleges go to the extent of boosting up scholarship grants by including free tuitions in their program for the National Merit finalists. They do this in a bid to draw in the best students and amplify their own repute. Colleges readily recruit these national merit finalists, hence establishing a strong college PSAT bond.
  • When you take your PSAT in October, the colleges will be sending you voluntary brochures for making their scholarship programs clear to you. These brochures provide a useful tool for choosing the college programs, which suit your needs. In addition, these brochures indicate the schools, which may be an interest to you and those institutions, which may be interested in you. Hence, this strengthens the college PSAT nexus.
  • The PSAT scores also serve as an exclusive tool to reduce study expenses. Once you judge your capability to take up higher studies, you will be sure about the colleges you are applying to. In addition, there are national merit scholarships, college scholarships and college grant programs to trim down expenses.

A student’s inclination for applying to colleges starts from the moment he takes the PSAT in his 11th grade or no later than 12th grade. The PSAT score will never get you into colleges, but the funding you receive for scoring good in PSAT will helps you in paying for the expensive college courses. Hence, you should understand the strong college PSAT link to make informed decisions about your career.

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