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The PSAT or the Preliminary SAT is a thorough and standardized national assessment of your knowledge in Critical Reading, Mathematics and Writing Skills. PSAT makes you eligible for national scholarship programs. The PSAT is partly sponsored by the College Board and partly by the National Merit Scholarship Corporation. The College Board helps you to understand the PSAT in their official College Board PSAT webpage. The College Board PSAT webpage lets you have an insight of PSAT, its test sections, preparation tips, test dates and deadlines, downloadable materials and about the scoring methods of PSAT. In other words, the features of the College Board PSAT facilitate everything you want to know about the PSAT.

About PSAT:

The College Board PSAT website gives you all the information of the PSAT. Under the following subheadings, we can discuss the various facts about PSAT as mentioned by the College Board PSAT website.

  • Overview:

    The College Board highlights and brings out the basic facts about the PSAT. It talks about the testing time, the skills evaluated in the test, the number of sections of PSAT and the process of scoring the test.

  • Test sections:

    Under the test sections, the College Board PSAT webpage discusses the PSAT sections in details. Critical Reading, Mathematics and Writing Skills are the three sections of PSAT. The College Board talks about the types and number of questions, contained in each section of the PSAT and the time allocated to each of the three sections. It also advises on the ways to approach the questions in each PSAT sections.

  • Dates and fees:

    The College Board PSAT website lets you understand about the dates of PSAT test, the fee structure of the PSAT and about fee waivers of PSAT. Under the dates and fees, the College Board discusses the exceptions of scheduled test dates and plausible reasons for test day closures. Finally, it informs the high schools regarding the fees charged for returning unused test books.

  • Student Search Service:

    The College Board also enables the colleges and scholarship programs to connect you to the former after you provide your name and basic information in the Student’s Search Service. You can know about the admission process, financial aid and higher education opportunities in different colleges and scholarship programs.

  • Scholarship Recognition:

    The College Board PSAT website assists you with information about how you can enter the contest for scholarships and recognition programs. It lets you know how the National Merit Scholarship Corporation (NMSC) uses your PSAT score and allocates you scholarships.

Helping Students Prepare:

The College Board PSAT website also provides assistance on how to prepare for the PSAT. It divides the preparation methods into Long Term Preparation and Short Term Preparation. Under the Long Term Preparation Method, recommendations are made to strengthen the reasoning skills, which are tested in the PSAT. In case of Short Term Preparation, the College Board recommends how to prepare each section and to approach each questions effectively. It provides tools and resources, assisting you to prepare for the PSAT sections.

Test Day Decorum:

The College Board PSAT website provides you with tips and suggestions about what you should bring on the test day and what you should do before, after and during the test.

Scores and Reports:

The College Board PSAT website gives an overview of the scoring process of PSAT. It gives information about the score, the reporting, Student Score Report, Summary of Answers and Skills (SOAS), State Summary Reportsand Optional Reports.

Test Dates and Deadlines and PSAT Downloads:

Finally, the College Board website provides detailed information about the Test Dates and Deadlines, required for registration purpose. In addition, several downloadable study resources are made available by the College Board PSAT website, which enables a comfortable PSAT preparation.

The College Board website for the PSAT is reliable, effective and dependable, when it comes to knowing about the test structure. The College Board gives you precise and authentic information about the PSAT. It keeps you updated about the recent change in the PSAT and all other changes in the future. The College Board website is your ultimate source of PSAT information.

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