Check PSAT Scores

How Are PSAT Scores Declared?

PSAT is an entrance test clearing which you can enter the scholarship competition organized by the College Board and the National Merit Scholarship Corporation (NMSC). For you to enter the National Merit Scholarship Program, you must clear the cut-off score that will be set by the NMSC depending upon the region to which you belong. PSAT is administered two times a year, every year. It is generally administered in the month of October. PSAT for the year 2011 has already been administered in the month of October. The results for the PSAT 2011 will be available to you by early December. You can then check PSAT scores you obtained and know your eligibility status for the scholarship competition.

PSAT Score Declaration

PSAT scores are one of its kinds of scores which not only give you just the scores you obtain in the test paper. Let us know in brief about the score methods of College Board that would help you check PSAT scores of yours in a better way. Basically, PSAT consists of three sections which are evaluated separately. Each test section of the PSAT is scored on a scale of 20-80 thus bringing the maximum score you can obtain to 240. Hence, typically, the PSAT scores range between 60 and 240.

Furthermore, your PSAT score will be reported in a more interactive way that would help you assess your performance levels and estimate your abilities for further takes. You can either check PSAT scores of yours at your school principal’s office once they are made available or even can check PSAT scores online. On the whole, two sets of score reports will be sent to your school, one for you to check PSAT scores and the other for your school to keep a record of your performance.

PSAT Score Methods

PSAT score reports that you receive are of different kinds. You will receive a Roster of Student Scores and Plans which gives you information regarding your scores, percentiles, Selection Index. The status of your eligibility for the National Merit Scholarship Corporation Programs, grade average, college majors’ information, the access codes you would require for ‘My College Quick Start’, access codes for Summary of Answers and Skills (SOAS) reports will also be specified in the roster report. Other reports include Student Score Report, Score Report Plus, SOAS reports, and State Summary Reports.

The main objective behind providing you these many score reports is to help you know more than what you understand just after you check PSAT scores of yours. In short, all the score reports help you understand the score ranges, scholarship information, your skills, the answers you have attempted and the steps to be taken by you to perform well in the next attempt through ‘My College Quick Start’. If this is your last attempt and wish to take SAT, then you can know your performance levels and act accordingly.

You can visit the following links to know more in detail about what these scores explain to you.

Checking PSAT Scores from College Board Website

Apart from receiving all the score reports, you can also check PSAT scores online. You can check PSAT scores from the following link.

This is ‘My College Quick Start’ page. All the students who take PSAT will be given a free access to this feature by the College Board. To get access to your scores, you must enter the unique online access code supplied to you. You can find your unique online access code on your PSAT/NMSQT paper score report. Otherwise, you can also access your online scores if you have registered for SAT online. Hence, you can enter ‘My College Quick Start’ with your dedicated College Board account. This way, you can get access and know about everything in detail about the scores obtained by you.

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