2012 PSAT

Useful Information for 2012 PSAT

The ideal time to take the PSAT is during the junior year (11th grade) of high school. Nevertheless, sophomores can also take this exam to get an idea of the test pattern and the types of questions that are asked in the exam. If sophomores have taken the PSAT in 2011, they will also have to take 2012 PSAT i.e. they will have to take this test again when they are in their junior year (11th grade) so that they can enter the competition for the award of the National Merit Scholarship (organized by the NMSC-National Merit Scholarship Corporation).

The National Merit Scholarship Corporation (NMSC) was established in the year 1955 to provide educational services to the students’ community of the United States. It aims at:

  • granting scholarship to meritorious high school students for their college studies
  • providing guidance and support to the organizations which are involved in providing scholarships to students.

Useful Information for 2012 PSAT

You need to check from the official website for any changes in the test pattern and the type of questions for 2012 PSAT that may be announced. Mentioned below are the types of questions that will be asked in 2012 PSAT.

Note: This description is based on the test format of 2011 PSAT.

Types of Questions in 2012 PSAT

There will be three sections in 2012 PSAT. They are listed below:

  • The Critical Reading Section Comprises:

    Sentence Completion questions: that entail a sentence. It is partially complete and consists of one or two blanks that you have to fill in with the given options. The right options are to be chosen from among the five options that follow the question.

    Passage-Based Reading: that consists of a passage. It is followed by questions based on the passage. Each question has five options. You have to choose the correct option based on the information given in the passage.

  • The Mathematics Section Consists of:

    Multiple-choice questions: Each question is followed by five options. You have to select the right option.

    Student-Produced Response questions: It comprises questions that are to be solved by students. The answers are to be filled in grids available on the answer sheet.

  • The Writing Section of 2012 PSAT Comprises:

    Identifying Sentence Errors: A sentence is given. It is underlined in some portions. You have to identify the error (if any) in the underlined portions of the sentence.

    Improving Sentences: A sentence is underlined completely or partially. You have to choose an option from among the five given options to improve the sentence according to the conventions of standard written English.

    Improving Paragraphs: A paragraph is given. The sentences of the paragraph are numbered. The paragraph is followed by the questions that comprise a sentence. It is underlined either completely or partially. The underlined portion of the sentence is to be improved based on the conventions of standard written English.

    Source: http://www.collegeboard.com/student/testing/psat/about/ontest.html


The scores for 2012 PSAT will be on a scale of 20-80. These scores represent your readiness for college level studies. Moreover, the PSAT administrators provide you with Score Report Plus. The features of the Score Report Plus are presented below:

  • Reports Your Score

    It reports your score on a scale of 20-80.

  • Range of Scores

    It provides you a range of scores that tells about the variation of your scores if you take it a number of times.

  • Percentile

    The Score Report includes your percentile. The percentile signifies your ranking among all the test takers. Suppose your percentile is 99, it means your performance in the PSAT is better than 99 percent of the total test takers.

  • Answers

    The Score Report offers the correct answers to the questions that are asked in the PSAT along with your answers and the difficulty level of each question.

    You can refer to the webpage http://www.collegeboard.com/student/testing/psat/scores.html to get information in detail.

You would have got useful information about 2012 PSAT from the above discussion. Information about the PSAT test sections, the types of questions that they encompass and the scores for evaluation of the exam will be certainly useful for you.

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