Praxis II Scoring

The scores of Praxis II are accepted by most states and licensing authorities across the US as a requirement for grant of teaching licensure. Being a Praxis certified teacher will help you immensely in your professional education career. You will be trained for teaching a specific subject area and this will give you a distinct edge over the other teachers who are not Praxis qualified for that subject. Hence, it becomes important for you to score high enough to earn the licensure for enhancing your career options. It is evident that as important it is to score high in the test, it is equally important to understand all aspects of the test's scoring so that you are better prepared to do well in the test.

What are the Praxis II Tests?

Praxis II is a series of tests that have been formulated for assessing content knowledge in different academic fields in which the test-takers wish to teach. It also assess subject specific teaching skills. It includes over 120 different tests from a variety of subject areas. The tests are available in a paper-based format only.

The subject areas that you need to test for will depend upon the requirements of the licensing authorities and the subject choice of the test-taker, which is the subject that the test-taker wishes to teach. Therefore, you will have to take a specific set of Praxis II tests which could be quite different from those being taken by some other candidate depending upon your states and the choice of subjects. You will have to visit the official website of the test at and go through the testing requirements of your state to familiarize yourself with the set of tests that you will have to take for meeting the licensing requirements.

What is the Format of the Praxis II Tests?

The Praxis II tests will either consist of multiple-choice questions or questions that require constructed responses like an essay. The types of questions, number of questions, test content etc. will vary for each of the tests. The official website contains a link to each test with details of its test format. You can go over the detailed test format for the test that you have to take after you have confirmed the set of tests that you have to take as per your state’s requirements.

How are the Praxis II Tests Scored?

Each of the Praxis II tests will entirely consist of multiple-choice questions or constructed-responses or the test may consist of a combination of both.

  • Scoring for the multiple-choice questions

Multiple-choice questions are scored by a computer and each question is worth 1 ‘raw point’. You will earn this point if you answer the question correctly and there is no penalty if you answer it incorrectly. Hence, your overall raw score is based on the total number of questions that you have answered correctly.   

  • Scoring for the constructed-response questions

Your responses to these questions will be in the form of an essay. Your responses are scored by trained and qualified scorers. Each response is scored by at least two scorers. A test may use any one of the following two scoring models for scoring the answers to constructed-response questions:

    1. Each response is scored by two individual scorers and given ratings. A third scorer will be called in to score the response if the ratings given by the first two scorers differ by a specific amount.
    2. Each response will be given ratings by two independent scorers.

In some tests, the ratings will be added together to get the total raw score for the section or test consisting of the constructed-response questions. In other tests, scoring weights will be assigned to different constructed-response questions of the same test. The ratings awarded to each response will be multiplied by the scoring weights to arrive at the total raw score.

  • Scoring for a combination of multiple-choice and constructed-response questions

There are certain Praxis II tests that will consist of two sections: one consisting of multiple-choice questions and the other consisting of constructed-response questions. Each of the test sections will be scored as per the scoring procedure for the type of questions that it contains. The total raw score for the test will be calculated either by simply adding the raw scores for both the sections or by assigning a scoring weight to each of the test sections before adding the raw scores.
Note: The raw scores in each test are converted to scaled scores so as to account for the differences that may arise due to the difference in difficulty levels of the questions presented in the same test in different editions.

What are the Praxis II Passing Scores?

Educational Testing Service (ETS), the organisation that owns the Praxis series of tests has not set any passing scores for Praxis II tests. The passing scores for each of the tests will depend upon your state’s requirements. You will have to check your state’s requirements to find the test scores that you need to achieve for meeting the passing standards for the specific test that you are taking.

What Does the Praxis II Score Report Contain?

Your score report of Praxis is directly sent to maximum 3 institutions or agencies that you would have selected.  If you wish to send your score report to additional recipients then you can request for an Additional Score Report (ASR). Your score report will contain the following:

  • Information pertaining to your personal details, including the background information that you would have supplied at the time of registering for the tests, will be present in your score report.

  • You can exercise the option of taking more than 1 test on a single date. Your score report will display your scores for all the tests that you would have taken on a single test date.

  • If you have retested for a particular test, then both your current score and the highest score earned by you in the tests taken in the last 10 years will be displayed in your score report.

  • The details of your performance in each of the content categories for each test taken by you will also be present in the score report.

  • Whether you have achieved the passing scores for the intended recipients will also be indicated in your score report.

  • The status of the ROE (Recognition of Excellence) award if it is applicable for you will be displayed. The ROE award is given to those test takers whose scores lie in the range of scores earned by the top 15 percent of test-takers who took the same test in the past. This award is applicable for only some tests.

Visit the official website of ETS, and download the document, ‘Understanding Your Praxis Scores’ for a detailed description of the probable score ranges for each test, median and other aspects related to the scores for each Praxis II test.

How to Improve Praxis II Scores?

If you have not been able to pass Praxis II in the first attempt, then a planned preparation for taking a retest will help you in improving your scores. Study your score report. See the difference in the raw points that you have achieved in a particular content category and the maximum raw points that were available for that category. This will help you in identifying the content category where you need to put in sustained effort for improving your overall scaled scores.

Go to the official website and visit the link ‘Tests at a Glance’ for access to test taking strategies, sample questions with solutions, study guides containing retired versions of the test questions and conversion tables for scoring the practice tests taken by you. If you carry out your studies for taking the tests with sincerity and dedication, you will be rewarded with the scores that will help you earn your teaching licence!


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