Register for PCAT

When Should You Register for PCAT?

You have to register for PCAT formally, if you want to appear for this Pharmacy aptitude test. Registration for PCAT should be done well in advance to the expected date of taking this test, as the seats for it are allotted on a first-come-first–served basis at centers authorised by Pearson Vue. It is important to know that registration should be done on the official PCAT website ( and not on any other site.

How to Register for PCAT test?

Before you register for PCAT, you should visit the official website of this examination and read through all the content present there, carefully. You should also read about the registration and exam scheduling processes in detail in these links respectively: and You should make it a point to read all the instructions, terms and conditions for registration, and re-registration etc. before starting off with the registration process.

Please follow the steps suggested below to register for PCAT:

  1. You should visit the official PCAT registration website ( and not any other site to register for PCAT.

  2. You should visit the Registration and Login webpage ( of the official PCAT website to register for PCAT. This page will present an interface that will give you the facility to login or create a new account. You have to visit the "Create a New Account" hyperlink ( to register for PCAT. On this page, you will be asked to enter your registration details, such as your name, email id, security question, and your preferred user id.

  3. After entering your basic details, you will have to locate a PCAT test center from the list of test centers given on the official PCAT test center webpage (

  4. You can view the PCAT tests available by visiting the official PCAT tests webpage (

  5. The next step that you should follow to register for PCAT is to schedule your test, which you can do by visiting this webpage:

  6. You will have to register for PCAT before the registration and examination scheduling deadlines. Missing the registration deadline will result in payment of late fee to the examination authorities.

  7. You have to specify your test location and the date on which you want to take the PCAT, on the online registration form.

  8. After you have registered for PCAT, you will receive an email confirming your registration and registration details. It will also contain information about PCAT testing norms, which should be read carefully. You should take a printed copy of your PCAT registration details, as mentioned in the registration confirmation email, and present them in the examination hall, for the examination staff to verify your candidature.

  9. Take the Pearson Vue Practice Examination ( before appearing for the PCAT. This will help you in getting a preliminary idea of your standard of performance, and your academic strengths and weaknesses.

When Should You Register for the PCAT?

Registration for PCAT starts much in advance to the dates to be fixed for taking the test. For example, you will have to register for PCAT in January if you want to take the test in July. Pre-fixed PCAT test dates are provided to the candidates, who have to choose a suitable date for taking the PCAT, from the available dates. The registration has to be done about six months to one year in advance to the date of the examination. Details about the dates for PCAT registration can be found on this page (

The "Testing Windows" dates are the dates on which the registration for a particular session of the PCAT opens. You can start applying for taking PCAT on a certain date, by the referring to the "Testing Window" date for that session of PCAT. The "Register And Schedule By" dates for the PCAT tests indicate the deadline dates of registration and scheduling for PCAT. You should register for PCAT by this date, to avoid late fee. The "Cancel By" option suggests the last date by which you can cancel appearing for PCAT.


PCAT registration is accepted much in advance to the test dates, which are set by the Pearson authorities for PCAT testing, for the entire year. This is done to cater to a large number of candidates on a first-come-first-served basis. One should register for PCAT on the basis of the "Testing Windows", and "Register and Schedule By" deadlines to ensure smooth flow of the process for both the test administrators and test takers.

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