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Benefits of a Private Tutor

A PCAT tutor is a person who coaches a PCAT examinee for taking the PCAT. The mode of coaching imparted by PCAT tutors is ideally one-to-one and face-to-face, thus ensuring that each and every PCAT examinee that is taught by them is given personal attention, so that he or she performs well in this Pharmacy aptitude test. PCAT examinees, who are used to studying under tutor-assisted guidance, and are not very comfortable with self-study, can opt for taking the services of a PCAT tutor to perform well in PCAT.

Reviews of 3 PCAT Tutors

  • KAPLAN TEST Prep (http://www.kaptest.com/PCAT-NAPLEX/Prep-for-the-PCAT/One-On-One/pcat-private-tutoring.html) - KAPLAN coaching is highly recommended for PCAT, in general. The Kaplan PCAT test preparation crew offers PCAT private tutoring, in both the classroom and online modes. PCAT experts conduct individualised, custom-paced, one-to-one coaching, in both the online and offline modes. Apart from personal tutoring, a PCAT examinee is also given access to the KAPLAN PCAT study resources, which can be used to supplement the PCAT tutoring.

  • Tutor Select (http://www.tutorselect.com/find/pcat/tutors) - The Tutor Select website is an interface for PCAT students to select tutors of their choice for private tutoring. This website has a list of qualified persons who are coaching for PCAT and other competitive examinations. They have their credentials mentioned on the website, which you have to verify before selecting one of them for tutoring you for PCAT. Some points that you must bear in mind while selecting a PCAT tutor from Tutor Select or, for that matter, from anywhere else, are:

    • The PCAT tutor must have taken the PCAT and have performed extremely well in it-There may be some persons who are very qualified and knowledgeable, but their teachings are not specifically suited to make a PCAT examinee perform well in this examination.

    • The PCAT tutor must be able to teach in an easily understandable language- A PCAT tutor must be able to teach the PCAT subjects, in a clear, concise and easily understandable manner. Many tutors are subject matter experts, but they lack these basic teaching skills. As a result, they cannot teach well.

    • The PCAT tutor must be available to you when you need him or her - The PCAT tutor that you select for teaching you, should be able to give adequate time to not only teach you, but also clarifying your doubts, till you are totally clear with your concepts. Some tutors are very good with their teaching skills, but are pretty busy to spare enough time for their students, who, therefore, do not perform well in the test.

  • AdamWes Academics (http://www.adamwes.com/subjects/details/PCAT) - AdamWes Academics prepares students for PCAT by addressing their weak areas and boosting their confidence by providing vigorous training in the PCAT subject areas before taking PCAT.

Benefits of a Private PCAT Tutor

In this section, we will analyse the benefits of taking the services of a private tutor for PCAT:

  1. Exclusive Individual Attention- Though some private tutors take group sessions, many of them pay individual attention to each and every student they teach. This gives the students an opportunity to interact better with their mentors regarding their academic difficulties, and thus improve their performance in these subjects.

  2. Self- Paced Learning - Your PCAT tutor will teach you lessons at your own pace of learning and at a time that is convenient for both of you. By this, you will be benefitted by being able to learn the PCAT concepts one by one without having to rush through the topics at a speed at which you are not comfortable.

  3. Tutoring is preferred for people who cannot understand things by self study- There are many individuals who cannot understand the content that they read by self-study. This is because their language skills may be at a lower level than required to understand the text given in the study guide, or the text by itself may not be presented in an easily understandable manner (many authors are good subject matter experts but do not know the method to present information in a form that is comprehendible by all).

  4. A tutor will provide tips from personal experience- Your PCAT tutor is likely to give you valuable tips from personal experience. These tips are not probably listed anywhere. Self-study resources do not come with such facilities. On the contrary, most of them mostly provide information that is generally available everywhere else.

  5. Private tutors understand their students and prove to be the best persons to shape their careers- Your PCAT tutor can prove to be a much more useful resource to you than the self-study guide books. Good PCAT tutors not only deliver good content, but also take the pains to understand the positive and negative points of the academic skills of their students, and strive to improve their performances. They also provide valuable information about the Pharmacy colleges that the PCAT pass-outs have to apply for. They also prepare them for interviews.


Opting for the services of a PCAT tutor is one of the best choices that a PCAT examinee can make. PCAT tutors often go beyond the prescribed role of PCAT test coachers, and render services, which you cannot expect to get from self-study PCAT materials. Hence, one is greatly benefitted by opting for a PCAT tutor.

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