Study Tips for PCAT

7 Step Guide to Study for PCAT

The PCAT (Pharmacy College Admission Test) is a computer-based test that acts as an important tool in placing students in pharmacy courses and colleges. It is four and a half hours in duration and consists of seven sections out of which two sections are writing based and the remaining five sections are based on multiple choice questions.

It is a very important step in the life of a pharmacist as it opens doors to many opportunities. Thus, it is imperative to prepare well for the PCAT. Read on to know about the 7 study tips that will be your ticket to a successful pharmacy career.

7 PCAT Study Tips for Success

  1. Begin Your Preparation Early

    Ideally, the amount of preparation you need depends on the current level of preparation. Thus, you should take a mock test or a diagnostic test first to find out how much you are scoring without any preparation. While doing this, you will come to know the structure and pattern of the test. Additionally, you will be able to analyze your strong and weak areas. This is one of the important tips that you must follow for a high score.

  2. Take Regular Practice Tests

    There is no use in studying day and night for the test if you are not evaluating yourself regularly. After a fixed period, you must keep testing yourself. By doing this, you can check your progress on the way and you will come to know the areas which need more improvement and the areas where you have improved a lot. This process of testing can be repeated after every five days, one week or two weeks depending on your plan and schedule.

  3. Be Consistent in Your Preparation

    The preparation for the test will go on for some time. However, you must take care of being persistent and consistent. You should study for hours on one day and not practice on the next day. You must choose a time period or a time slot for your studies and follow it every day. For instance, you can keep one and a half hour every evening for only PCAT preparation and no other activity. This is one of the most important tips that you must implement.

  4. Have Enough Material at Hand

    There will be no preparation if you do not have the adequate materials at hand. You can purchase a lot of self help guides that are available. These are available in bookstores as well as online at shopping websites such as There are books for separate sections too. Apart from the books, you can practice with a friend who is also preparing for the test. In the end it is up to you, how you want to practice for the test. However, material is equally important in any case.

  5. Take the Pearson Practice Tests

    There is no problem in regularly testing yourself for each question type or section. However, as the PCAT draws near, you must take the full-length practice tests at the official Pearson website. ( This is one of the study tips that will help you a lot towards the end of your preparation.

  6. Practice Pacing

    The PCAT is a timed test that goes on for four and a half hours. There are seven sections in it and each of them has a time limit. From your first day of preparation itself, you must practice pacing i.e. setting some time fixed for every question. In this way, you will find that in the actual test, you were able to manage all questions efficiently and you were able to every item in a comfortable span of time. This is one of the study tips that will help you in time management during the actual test.

  7. Improve Your Writing Skills

    There are two writing sections on the PCAT. One of them is scored and the other is experimental. In order to score high in this section, you need to improve your writing in the following areas: coherence, organization, grammar and development.

In the end, it can be concluded that the study tips mentioned above can enhance your PCAT preparation and if you follow and implement them properly, then success is sure to reach you!