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Official Study Materials for PCAT Study

The PCAT is the first step towards a career in pharmacy. It is basically a standardized test that evaluates the eligibility of various candidates for a number of pharmacy colleges. There are seven sections in the test and the total test time is four and a half hours.

What is the Appropriate PCAT Study Material?

There is no dearth of PCAT study material available. There are many study guides available both online and offline. You can purchase most of these on the internet shopping websites such as amazon.com. There are also many practice tests available on the internet and in most of the study guides. However, your preparation will be incomplete unless you prepare from the official study materials.

Materials for PCAT Preparation:

  1. Official Study Materials for the PCAT

    1. Full Length Practice Tests

      There is a lot of material available on the official website of the PCAT (http://tpc-etesting.com/pcatopt/). There are three full-length practice tests at this website. The complete details for these tests are mentioned below:

      • You need to create a log in ID and a password in order to use this material from the official website. Once you have purchased the practice tests, they will be valid on your account through a complete PCAT study cycle, which ends on January 31st. For instance, if you purchase the material on 1st February 2013 or even on 15thJanuary 2014, the account will be valid till 31st January 2014.

      • The official PCAT study material also contains a lot of information on the writing sub-test. Enough strategies will be given with respect to content, format, coherence and correct way of writing an essay.

      • Just as in the actual PCAT, this PCAT study material contains 240 items per test. The tests are divided into five sections and explanations are provided for each question. The biggest advantage of using this material is that over four-fifth of the questions in it are taken from previous PCAT papers.

    2. PCAT Study Guide

      This guide costs 25$ and is non-refundable. You can download the entire document which is 150pages long, from the official test website. It contains information on scoring and structure of the PCAT. This PCAT study material also contains sample questions on each sub-section of the test. Also, it comes from the test makers themselves. Hence, this is the most accurate resource that you can use.

    3. Online Writing Practice Test

      This test is an excellent PCAT study material that caters to the writing section specifically. You can practice and even compose your essay. The essay that you write will be scored electronically and you will be given appropriate feedback on the same. The fee you need to pay will be 25$ for one assessment and 40$ for two assessments. For three tests or assessments you have to pay 55$ and for all the four, you will have to pay 70$.

  2. Other Preparation Guides

    1. Kaplan PCAT

      You can purchase this PCAT study material online from amazon.com. It can be bought for 23.73$. It is updated according to the changes that occurred in the PCAT in June 2012. All the concepts tested on the PCAT are thoroughly explained here. The link for the purchase of this book is: http://www.amazon.com/Kaplan-PCAT-2013-2014/dp/1609789288/ref=dp_ob_title_bk

    2. Cracking the PCAT - The Princeton Review

      Priced at 17.97$, this is a good PCAT study material. It focuses on all the seven sections of the PCAT. Additionally, two full length practice tests are also given in it. Some of the toughest concepts are explained in detail for better understanding. There are also many drills for each topic along with answers and explanations for every question. The link for the online purchase at amazon.com is http://www.amazon.com/Cracking-2012-2013-Edition-Graduate-Preparation/dp/0375427430/ref=pd_sim_b_2

    3. Barron's PCAT 5th Edition

      This book is also available on amazon.com. The cost is 12$. This book contains two full-length practice tests and explains everything about the PCAT from its content and structure to the scoring process and test taking strategies. The link for its online purchase is http://www.amazon.com/Barrons-Edition-Marie-Chisholm-Burns-Pharm-D/dp/0764146181/ref=pd_sim_b_3

    It can be concluded that the ideal preparation for the PCAT would definitely involve taking the PCAT practice tests available on the official website. However, to strengthen your preparation, you can focus on your weak areas and practice more for them specifically using appropriate PCAT study material.

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