PCAT Study Course

How to Choose the Best Course for PCAT?

The PCAT is an important milestone in the life of an aspiring pharmacist. It is a prerequisite for getting placed in a good pharmacy course. Hence, the preparation for it is very important. There are many courses available for you in order to study for PCAT. However, at the end you have to decide the PCAT study course which you want to follow.

PCAT Study Courses

  1. Kaplan Test Prep

    Kaplan PCAT study course is, perhaps, one of the best because it has over 20 years of experience in preparing aspirants for PCAT. It also gives you a money back guarantee if you are unable to improve your score. This shows the confidence that Kaplan has in its teaching methods. All teachers at Kaplan for the PCAT study course are ones who have mastered the PCAT themselves.

    There are three options for the Kaplan PCAT study course that you can choose from:

    1. PCAT On Demand

      The cost for this PCAT study course is 1,249$ or three installments of 416.33$ each. The students are given complete online access apart from video lectures from the faculty. There are 11 teaching sessions, 3 full length tests and 1 initial diagnostic test. The link for the course is http://www.kaptest.com/PCAT-NAPLEX/Prep-for-the-PCAT/On-Demand/pcat-on-demand.html.

    2. PCAT Anywhere

      The cost for this PCAT study course starts at 1,399$ or 3 installments of 466.33$ each. You have a choice of a wide range of schedules and there are many added features like video lectures, chatting, whiteboard, polls etc. Over 1500 practice items are provided and 3 online tests are also part of the course. There are 14 classroom sessions in this PCAT study course. The link for the same is http://www.kaptest.com/PCAT-NAPLEX/Prep-for-the-PCAT/Classroom-Anywhere/pcat-advantage-anywhere.html.

    3. PCAT Onsite

      The cost differs from location to location. To know the cost in your area, you need to call 1-800-KAP-TEST. All the comprehensive study books are available along with the flashcards. It contains over 120 hours of practice. The link for the PCAT study course is http://www.kaptest.com/PCAT-NAPLEX/Prep-for-the-PCAT/Classroom-On-Site/pcat-advantage-on-site.html.

  2. PCAT Prep by McGraw Hill

    This PCAT study course is available on the website of BenchPrep (https://benchprep.com/courses/pcat-prep-course). It contains a lot of material for practice as well as tests for review. There are more than 400 practice questions available at this PCAT study course. Additionally, it offers seven smaller tests too. The best advantage about this course is that it gives a detailed statistical performance on your test scores every time.

  3. PCAT Professor

    This PCAT study course is basically a website with a lot of options for PCAT preparation and the tools and strategies. The link to this PCAT study course is http://www.pcatprofessor.com/products/. An access for 90 days will cost 59$. An access for 6 months or 180 days will cost 64.90$. In case of a full year access, you need to pay 69.90$. The study guide offered in this PCAT study course is just like the actual PCAT exam.

How to Choose the Best PCAT Study Course?

With so many options in front of you, it might be difficult to find the appropriate PCAT study course for yourself. However, here are some points you need to take in mind before making the call:

  1. Cost: The cost of the course is not more important than is the preparation you will get through that PCAT study course. However, it is an important consideration to be kept in mind.

  2. Practice Material: The PCAT study course that you select must be having all the practice material pertaining to all the seven sections of the PCAT.

  3. Mode of Preparation: You need to see for yourself how you want to prepare. Some students may want personalized tutoring while others are comfortable with online self-study.

Hence, in conclusion, these are just some of the essential factors that you need to take care of while choosing the appropriate PCAT study course. After that, the preparation depends on your dedication and perseverance.

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