Study Book for PCAT

Types of Books Available for PCAT

The PCAT is a very important step in the life of an aspiring pharmacist. It goes on for four and a half hours. The seven sections consist of questions that test one's skills in Writing, Reading, Mathematics and Science. Hence, the preparation for the test must be impeccable. Today, so many guides are available in the market that you may get confused regarding the correct study book of PCAT.

Types of Books Available for PCAT Preparation

There are many types of books available in the market or online, that help you in PCAT preparation:

  1. Official Material: This material is found on the official website of the test. ( It contains practice tests designed as per the latest format of the test. It gives extensive information and practice material for the test.

  2. PCAT Guides from other publishing houses: Most of these are available on the internet. You can purchase them through online payment and can even make an order for them. In other cases, one can purchase these from local book dealers. In order to purchase any PCAT book online, it is important that you go through the details of all books available.

  3. Comprehensive Guides: These guides contain a lot of comprehensive information on all the subjects of the test. These guides cover all seven sections and include tips and strategies to excel in every question type.

  4. Specific Guides: These are only for a specific subject area. For instance, there could be one guide only for Biochemistry and so on.

Some Prominent Books for PCAT Preparation

Mentioned below are some of the best books available for PCAT preparation:

  1. Barron's PCAT 5th Edition (By Marie Chisholm)

    The list price for the book is 18.99$. However, you can purchase it online at much cheaper rates. At, its price is 12$. The features of the book are highlighted as follows:

    1. This book contains two full-length practice tests. You can take these when your preparation is over and you are about to appear for the test in a few days.

    2. All the test topics have been reviewed thoroughly in this book. There are detailed explanations given for each question along with a practice drill.

    3. It also lists down strategies for getting a high test score and illustrates the scoring procedure. This study book also enlists some of the best pharmacy colleges across the country.

    4. The link for purchasing this book is

  2. Cracking the PCAT (By The Princeton Review)

    The list price is 29.99$. Online, you can purchase the book at a reduced price. It contains all information that is needed to cover all seven sections of the test. Following are the main features of this PCAT book:

    1. There are two full length practice tests in this book. All answers and explanations are provided at the end and all topics have been reviewed in detail.

    2. Some of the toughest science concepts have been explained in complete detail.

    3. Different time-tested strategies are explained that will help you to excel in the real test.

    4. The link for purchasing this book online is

  3. Kaplan PCAT 2013-2014 (By Kaplan)

    The list price of this study book is 44.99$. However, at, it is available at less than 24$. It covers all the seven sections of the test in complete detail. It contains the following features:

    1. It contains material which has been adapted according to the changes in the test in June 2012.

    2. There is one full-length practice test in this book that contains answers and detailed explanations.

    3. Additionally, there is one diagnostic test too that has to be taken before starting preparation for the test. By giving this test, you will get a fair idea of your initial level of preparation.

    4. Extra methods and strategies have been mentioned for help with the writing sections, which are a challenge to most students.

    5. A lot of strategies are given to improve your score. Enough practice material is available on those strategies as well.

    6. You can purchase this book online at

What Features Should You Look for in a PCAT Study Book?

There are a lot of books available in the market and online apart from the ones that have been mentioned above. However, before selecting a PCAT book for yourself, you must consider the following concerns:

  1. While cost is a factor, it should not be the main factor. The main factor should how well the book meets your requirements.

  2. Different candidates will have different strong and weak areas. Hence, choose the book depending on your preferences and needs.

In the end, it can be concluded that the final say lies with you. You need to determine the areas where you need more practice. Hence, it is strongly advised that you go through the benefits of all the available books and choose the study book of PCAT that best suits your requirements.