PCAT Study Aids

5 Sources of PCAT Study

The AACP (American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy) has approved the PCAT test as the official entrance test for pharmacy college applicants in the U.S. Currently, about 60% of the pharmacy colleges in the US require their entrants to write this test. The Pharmacy College Admission Test (PCAT) scores are a measure of the applicants' scientific and academic knowledge. The students, who are appearing for this test, have a wide variety of study aids to choose from these days. In this article, we will discuss the 5 best PCAT study sources available today, along with a review of one example from each source.

The 5 Most Effective PCAT Study Aids:

  1. PCAT Classes

    Generally, prep classes provide one-on-one attention to the students and help them overcome their weak points through personal guidance from experienced tutors. Hence, PCAT prep classes are among several study aids that make test preparation easier for people who require individual attention. Currently, PCAT classes are available in several test institutes such as Kaplan.

    The PCAT Prep Class By Dr John A. Collins - www.pcatprepclass.com

    This class was developed by Dr John A. Collins, who holds a PhD in Inorganic Chemistry and has taught Chemistry for several years. The key features of this class are as follows:

    • The class has been coaching many pharmacy applicants for over 18 years, with a good success rate.

    • It is run by a team of well experienced and qualified professors and teachers.

    • It covers all the subject areas of the test.

    • The classes are held at selected locations in major U.S. cities such as Chicago, Miami, Houston, Las Vegas etc.

  2. PCAT Study Guides

    For those applicants, who do not have the time to attend extended prep classes due to work or study, self study guides are ideal. They serve as flexible and convenient study aids for such applicants. However, anyone using such self study methods must have a systematic test prep plan, which must be followed sincerely.

    Dr Collins Self-Study Guide - www.pcatprepclass.com/register.html#self_study

    This self study guide is produced by the same Dr. Collins, about whom we have discussed earlier in this article. The key features of this guide are:

    • It contains all the classroom materials used in the above-mentioned Preparatory Class.

    • It contains review materials in Chemistry, Biology and Quantitative Ability, along with tips for essay writing and reading and many vocabulary lists.

    • It also contains several practice tests in all sections of the test.

    • Many actual PCAT test-takers have vouched for this guide as being very effective in cracking the test.

    • It also includes the contact details of the professors who designed the earlier-mentioned preparatory class, so that they could be contacted for urgent information or assistance.

  3. PCAT Books

    Books belong to the group of the PCAT aids that make self study possible. There are several study books available in book stores such as Barnes and Nobles, Amazon, Google Books, etc.

    Kaplan PCAT 2013-2014 - www.amazon.com/Kaplan-PCAT-2013-2014/dp/1609789288

    • This book contains good amount of material for Quantitative Ability, Biology and Chemistry.

    • However, it contains only 1 diagnostic and 1 Full length practice test with answer keys.

    • It includes essay writing strategies, along with general test-taking tips and recommendations.

  4. PCAT Prep Websites

    Of late, PCAT prep websites or blogs are a group of PCAT aids that have become very popular, because they offer free and diverse study materials, along with sample questions and links to other effective study sources.

    The PCAT Study Zone Website - www.studyguidezone.com/pcattest.htm

    • It contains free study guides for download in every section of the test.

    • It has free video lessons and several sample tests.

    • It also provides links to other study websites and resources.

    Besides this website, there are several other test preparation websites such as TestPreview.com, TestDatesCentral.com and so on. However, such websites must be used only as supplementary PCAT study materials, along with one of the earlier-mentioned study sources.

  5. PCAT Online Courses

    Online courses for the PCAT test are effective because they are accessible 24x7 and can be used by busy students on the go from their laptops or tablets. For these reasons, they have become one of the most flexible and adaptive study aids available today. There are several online courses for the test available today from test preparation institutes such as Kaplan, Princeton Review, BenchPrep etc.

    Kaplan's OnDemand PCAT Test Prep Course

    Kaplan boasts of 25 years experience in coaching PCAT applicants. The key features of this online course are listed as follows:

    • All the coaches involved in this course are PCAT experts.

    • It provides a 24x7 online library of study materials.

    • It includes 11 online video classes.

    • It also consists of 1 diagnostic test and 1 full-length practice test.

    • Some drawbacks of the course are its cost, the presence of quite a few errors have been reported in the practice tests and reviews from some Kaplan students that the course material is not extensive.

In conclusion, we hope the above-mentioned reviews of some of the best study aids provide a clear blueprint to the readers of this article on how to effectively prepare for the highly competitive PCAT test.