Review Book for PCAT

6 Advantages of Studying from A Good PCAT Study Guide

A review book of PCAT is a study guide that aids PCAT test takers in their preparation for the test. A good review book will focus thoroughly and completely on the test syllabus. It is different from regular subject-wise text books, in its contents. As its name suggests, it will provide the reader a review of the different content areas of the test. It will summarize the subject matter concepts that are of relevance to the test, it will present questions to test your understanding of those concepts, and it will teach you ways to effectively apply those concepts in different situations. Finally, it will provide you with effective strategies to deal with the test questions, and eventually perform well in this test.

Reviews of Popular PCAT Review Books

Discussed below are a few of the PCAT study books that will help you in selecting a good review book for your test preparation:

  • Kaplan PCAT Review Book- This is one of the most recommended study books for PCAT preparation. It contains flash cards, practice test papers, diagnostic tests, study tips and examination-tackling strategies. This study guide, along with Dr. Collin's PCAT Study Guide, has gained immense reputation.

  • Dr. Collin's PCAT Review Book- This book has become the favourite of a large number of PCAT test takers. They like it to the extent of preferring it to other review books of the test, despite its high price. This fact, in itself, proves the worthiness of this book. It has a number of study lessons, test taking strategies, and a number of  practice tests of PCAT.

  • Pharmacy Exam PCAT Reference Guide ( - This book has got very high positive reviews and its readers attribute their success to it. This study guide explains the PCAT subjects well. Biology, Chemistry and Mathematics have been dealt with in a very thorough manner in this book, and especially, these sections of this book have earned a rating of "Excellent" by their readers.

  • MC-Graw Hills PCAT ( - Though MC Graw Hill publications hold the reputation of publishing high quality study guides, their PCAT study guide has got mixed reviews. It is good as far as the depth of the subjects covered in this is concerned. However, it has got a bad review for its proof reading errors. As subject matter quality is of more importance than proof reading errors, this book cannot be rated as "bad" on the whole. This review book can be used as a supplement for other PCAT books, which are good, but do not contain as much in-depth information as this study book.

The Six Advantages of Studying from a Good PCAT Study Guide

Studying from a review book for PCAT comes with the following advantages, in comparison to studying unaided by any study guides:

  1. Awareness of the most effective study strategies- Without a study guide, one will follow a personal study strategy, which does not ensure success in the test. To avoid wasting time and effort on ineffective study strategies, one can refer to study guides, which usually come with effective study tips presented by the test experts.

  2. Simulation of PCAT test environment- An important aspect of your PCAT preparation is practicing test questions in an environment that mimics the examination hall. Some online review books will present the interface on which you will be taking the test. A good review book will let you know all about the testing interface, and the time that you can take for each individual test paper. You should practise questions in a timed manner, and also follow other rules of the examination strictly. For example, do not use a calculator if you are not allowed to do so in the examination hall.

  3. References to highly recommended books on individual PCAT subjects- One will perform well in PCAT only when he or she has a command over the individual content areas of the test. This command can be developed by referring to books which deal with the test subjects in an in-depth manner. A good review book will ensure your knowledge enhancement by providing you references to good reference books.

  4. A good PCAT review book will have a very good user recommendation- A good review book will have good user recommendations. You can go through the reviews of the different PCAT study books and select the one that has a high number of user recommendations.

  5. A good PCAT review book should address all your PCAT preparation needs- Judgement of a study guide on its usefulness to a PCAT test taker, can be a personal one, as the needs of different test takers vary. Some of them may be strong in all the subject areas of testing, and may just want a review book that recapitulates all that that they have learnt. Others may want review books that provide specific guidance on the subjects in which they are weak, so they improve their command over the subject before appearing for the test.

  6. A good PCAT study guide will provide practice questions that are tougher than those in the actual PCAT test- When you work on questions that are tougher than those in the actual test, you will find working on the actual test questions a cakewalk!


Studying with the aid of a good review book is of significant importance for attaining good scores in the PCAT examination. Still, one should carefully select a good study guide, from the many different ones available in the markets, to get good returns for the money invested in purchasing such a book.