PCAT Registration Deadline

Importance of Registering on Time

While registering for the PCAT test, it is important to learn about every PCAT registration deadline involved in the registration process. This article explains the significance of the three PCAT registration deadlines, along with the reasons why you should follow these deadlines and register as early as possible for the PCAT test.

PCAT Registration Deadlines:

The official PCAT website gives you a list of designated testing windows, with 2-3 test dates in each window, for the current academic year. To view the actual test dates for the current year, you may visit the PCAT website - www.pcatweb.info. The PCAT test can be taken only on these designated dates in certain Pearson centers in the U.S. Within each testing window, 3 key PCAT registration deadline dates will also be listed on the PCAT website. We will go over the meaning of each of these deadlines in detail now.

  • Early Registration Deadline

    The first key PCAT registration deadline is called the early registration ('Register and Schedule By') deadline. It is simply the earliest date by which you could schedule the PCAT test, in a certain testing window. Typically, the early registration deadline is set about a month prior to the start date of the testing window. This allows time for the Pearson test administration to verify a candidate's information and complete all the necessary paperwork and application processing.

  • Late Registration Deadline

    The second PCAT registration deadline is called the late registration ('Late Registration and Schedule By') deadline. This is nothing but the last date before which you could register for the PCAT test in a certain testing window. The last registration deadline is generally 5-7 days before the beginning of the testing window.

  • Cancellation Deadline

    The third and final PCAT registration deadline is called the cancellation ('Cancel By') deadline. This is the last day before which you can officially cancel your PCAT test appointment. Typically, the PCAT administrators set the cancellation deadline about 5-7 days before the start of each testing window. This is the minimum time required by the Pearson centers to cancel and process your refunds.

  • An Example of PCAT Registration Deadlines

    To understand these deadlines better, let's look at this real-time example. As per the PCAT website, a testing window is available in July on these dates - July 17th - 18th, 2013. Now, for this particular testing window, the registration deadlines are as follows:

    Early Registration Deadline - May 17, 2013 (Exactly one month prior to the start of the testing window i.e July 17th)

    Late Registration Deadline - July 10, 2013 (About 7 days prior to the testing window)

    Cancellation Registration Deadline - July 12, 2013 (About 5 days prior to the testing window)

The Benefits of Registering in Time

Now, that we understand what the PCAT registration deadlines are, let's talk about the importance of registering for the PCAT test in time.

  • If you register for the test on or before the early PCAT registration deadline, you will have to only pay only the basic registration fees.

  • Also, if you register before this early deadline, you will have the maximum chances of getting the test location, date and time of your choice.

  • In some cases, the PCAT website itself indicates that certain testing windows have very limited seating. In these cases, it is all the more important to register early.

  • If you register after the early deadline, you will have to pay an additional late registration fee. Also, in this case, there is no assurance that you will get the test center, date or time of your choice. The probability that you will be allotted your chosen test center and date is very little.

  • Another important point is that you cannot register for the test in a particular testing window after the late PCAT registration deadline. You will have to look for the next available testing window. The next testing window may be available only 1-2 months after the one you just missed. In this case, you carry the risk of missing your preferred college's admission deadlines and therefore, you may end up risking your admission into the semester of your choice as well.

  • It must also be noted that for the calendar year 2013-2014, only 4 PCAT testing windows are available. So, plan and complete your registration ahead of time.

  • Finally, even if you are looking to cancel the test, you must cancel in time i.e. before the cancellation deadline. If you do so, you will receive a 50% reimbursement of your registration fees and you will typically not have any issues registering again for your test on the PCAT website.

We hope this article has given you a crystal-clear idea on what each PCAT registration deadline means and why is it absolutely crucial to register for the test in time. Good luck to all PCAT applicants!

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