Prep Class for PCAT

Features of Online PCAT Prep Classes

Today, there are several ways to prepare for the PCAT test. However, many pharmacy college applicants opt for a test preparation class, so they could get personal coaching, adaptive recommendations and on-demand guidance. Currently, the students have the option of choosing from either classroom-based or online preparation classes. In this article, we will discuss 3 good classes, one of which is an online class. Thereafter, the article will also elaborate on the 5 key features that an online test class must have.

The 3 Most Effective PCAT Prep Classes:

  1. The PCAT Prep Class By Dr John A. Collins

    This preparation class of PCAT has been conceptualized by Dr John A. Collins, who has a PhD in Inorganic Chemistry and is currently a university level Chemistry professor. The classroom sessions are conducted by a team of knowledgeable tutors and professors. All subjects of the test are covered during the classes and the subjects are grouped together into 4 key areas; namely, Chemistry (Inorganic, Organic & Bio Chemistry), Biology, Quantitative and Language Ability (Verbal, Essay Writing & Reading). The required study materials are distributed prior to each classroom session and they are frequently updated with any official structural changes. Currently, one-on-one live classes are held at the following locations in the U.S: Chicago, Miami, Houston, Las Vegas and Fort Lauderdale. Due to the growing demand for these classes, there are various flexible class schedules available to students today. This preparation class has received several positive reviews over the last 18 years of its experience, along with good test success rates among its students. You may register for this class at

  2. Kaplan Test Prep - PCAT Advantage OnSite

    This preparation class is conducted by a team of tutors at Kaplan Test Preparation Inc., one of the leading test preparation institutes in the U.S. This test class includes 14 classroom sessions, along with out-of-classroom study resources. It also includes review materials for all the sections of the test, the Kaplan PCAT book and flashcards, along with 3 online tests and 1600 practice problems. The course is flexible in the sense that it also provides access to online video lessons if you miss any of the classroom sessions. You may register for this preparation class at If you are looking for an online Kaplan class, then you could choose the Kaplan On Demand course, which includes the key features of the above-mentioned preparation course, along with online lessons and additional interactive study materials.

  3. PCAT Professor

    This online preparation class is conducted by a team of Pharmacy college professors and experienced PCAT instructors. It includes 3 kinds of study tools; namely, study materials, practice exams and flashcards. It includes interactive practice questions, wherein immediate feedbacks and explanations are provided, thus, enhancing the student's understanding of the subjects. The study materials provided in these classes cover all the subjects under purview of the test. The practice tests provided during the course include hundreds of questions, along with a very detailed answer guide. The study resources are very simple to use and do not require the installation of complicated software. The study materials and interactive lesson plans are available 24x7 from your laptop or desktop. Of all the online courses available today, the price of this  class is very competitive. Also, membership to this class could be availed on a 3-month, 6-month or yearly basis. You may register for this class at

The 5 Essentials of Online PCAT Prep Classes

A quick survey of many student-forums indicates that more and more students in recent years prefer online courses or other online modes of study over traditional classroom-based coaching. The primary reason for this shift in the mindsets of students is the possibility of flexible, adaptive and on-the-go learning in such online courses. Also, today's students are more tech savvy than ever, so it is quite natural that they would opt for online learning methods that make the best of the current technological advances. Let's now go over the 5 key aspects of an effective online preparation class, as follows:

  1. The online content of such courses must be accessible 24x7 and from any platform or operating system i.e. it must be portable.

  2. A good preparation class must include several forms of instructional materials such as online videos, download-able study materials etc, so that the students may use the material flexibly, based on their convenience.

  3. It must include a good number of simulated full-length practice tests.

  4. The course must provide personalized and adaptive feedback to the students, so they may improve their learning strategies.

  5. Last but not the least, the software required for the online sessions or tests of the class must be easy to install and must not be cumbersome.

In conclusion, we hope the above-mentioned recommendations will help the readers of this article pick the right class for their test preparation and decide if an online preparation class would be a viable option for them. Good luck to all PCAT test-takers!