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Different Type of PCAT Courses

In this article, we will talk about the different types of PCAT courses available to students all over the U.S. Some of the common formats of PCAT courses are one-on-one or classroom courses, online courses with lesson videos or web sessions, online content libraries for self study and finally, interactive and customized online courses to serve the needs of every unique student. In this article, we will discuss 3 most effective PCAT courses, with each PCAT course belonging to one of the above-mentioned course categories.

The 3 Impressive PCAT Prep Courses:

  1. PCAT Prep Class By Dr John A. Collins

    This PCAT course is a one-on-one classroom-based course designed and is delivered by Dr John A. Collins, an experienced Chemistry professor, with assistance from a team of erudite professors and PCAT tutors. This course was instituted 18 years ago and continues to deliver quality instruction on the latest PCAT syllabus to all its students.

    The Key Aspects of the Course:

    • The classroom sessions cover the entire PCAT syllabus.

    • The classes are divided into 4 groups - Chemistry, Biology, Quantitative and Language Ability (which includes Verbal, Reading & Essay Writing).

    • A detailed study guide and other materials for each day's session are given to the students at the beginning of every session.

    • This course is available in flexible schedules in U.S cities such as Chicago, Miami, Houston, Las Vegas and Fort Lauderdale.

    This PCAT course is one of the most-recommended courses on several student blogs and pharmacy websites on the internet. To register for this course, you may visit http://www.pcatprepclass.com/.

  2. Kaplan Test Prep - PCAT Advantage On Demand

    This is an online PCAT course that has been designed and developed by a team of professional tutors at Kaplan Inc., a well-known testing services company in the U.S.

    The Key Aspects of the Course:

    • It includes 24/7 access to an online study library, which includes prep materials for all the PCAT test sections.

    • There are 11 video sessions, with 3 practice tests and 1 diagnostic test.

    • The above-mentioned video lessons and tests can be accessed by the students at their own convenient timings.

    The only drawback of this course is that is very highly priced. Those interested may register for this course or view other Kaplan PCAT courses at http://www.kaptest.com/PCAT-NAPLEX/Prep-for-the-PCAT/On-Demand/pcat-on-demand.html.

  3. PCAT Professor

    This PCAT course is a unique online self-study tool, created by a group of experienced Pharmacology professors and expert PCAT instructors.

    The Key Aspects of the Course:

    • The course provides 3 kinds of learning materials; namely, review materials in the PCAT subject areas, flashcards, along with interactive practice problems and practice tests.

    • The above-mentioned resources can be accessed 24X7.

    • The interactive practice problems provide direct feedback and the rationale behind each correct answer.

    • The practice tests include several questions, along with an answer key.

    • The learning software that delivers these study resources are simple to install and use.

    • When compared to other online courses in the market, this PCAT course comes at a very reasonable price.

    • PCAT students may register for this course on a quarterly, half-yearly or yearly basis. For example, the students who take the quarterly membership will have access to the course for 3 months from the time they register. On the other hand, yearly membership will provide access to the course all-year round.

    You may subscribe for this course at http://www.pcatprofessor.com/.

    We have now reviewed different types of courses available for PCAT. However, apart from these courses, there are several other online tutorials, blogs, test banks and websites offering test advice. An advantage of online courses is the flexibility, accessibility and portability that they offer over traditional classroom sessions. However, many students may prefer traditional prep-classes because of the one-on-one advice and attention they may receive in them. Online practice-test banks provide a simulated and timed test experience, which traditional un-timed practice tests cannot provide. Also, other factors such as personal or adaptive feedback play a great role in making a PCAT course successful. With the availability of such varied prep choices, it is for the PCAT applicants to deliberate the pros and cons of each course and determine what is best for them.

    In conclusion, we hope the above-mentioned reviews and discussion on various types of PCAT courses will enable you to choose the best PCAT course for your prep needs.

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