PCAT Books

Advantages of Studying from E-books

There are several PCAT study resources available to the PCAT candidates today. However, books have always remained key resources for PCAT preparation. In this article, we provide you with the reviews of 3 effective PCAT books, along with a discussion on the advantages of using e-books instead of regular, printed books.

The 3 Most Effective PCAT Books:

  1. Dr Collins Self-Study Guide

    This is one of the most talked about PCAT books. It is in the format of a self-study guide and has been written by Dr. Collins, a Chemistry professor with good number of years of experience in coaching students for the PCAT exam. The key features of this PCAT book are listed as follows:

    • It comprises of review materials for all subject areas of the PCAT test.
    • It comes with a number of practice tests, example problems and answer keys.
    • It contains important study-notes and test recommendations from Dr.Collins and his team.
    • The book is revised periodically for any structural and/or syllabus changes to the PCAT test.

    This book is available at - www.pcatprepclass.com/register.html#self_study.

  2. Kaplan PCAT 2013-2014

    This is another one of the widely-used PCAT books. Its key aspects are listed below:

    • It contains a good amount of review material in all the key PCAT subject areas.
    • It includes a diagnostic test and a practice test with corresponding answer keys.
    • It also provides effective recommendations on several test strategies.

    Despite these advantages, one drawback of this book that has been reported by its users is the presence of typos or errors in the material and practice questions. It can be purchased at the Amazon book store- www.amazon.com/Kaplan-PCAT-2013-2014/dp/1609789288.

  3. McGraw-Hill's PCAT

    This is the last of the PCAT books that we will be reviewing in this article. Here is a list of its key aspects:

    • It is written by George Hademenos, who is an experienced science professor teaching at the university-level.
    • It provides a review of all the key subject areas of the PCAT test.
    • It contains crucial details about the PCAT test structure and format.
    • It includes a list of several test strategies and methods.
    • It comes with a full-length practice test and 2 diagnostic tests.

    This book is available for purchase at the Barnes and Noble book store - www.barnesandnoble.com/w/mcgraw-hills-pcat-george-j-hademenos/1101367573.

The 5 Key Benefits of Studying from a PCAT E-Book

Here is a listing of the 3 key advantages of using a PCAT e-book:

  1. An e-book is easy to download and can be accessed almost instantaneously. However, regular PCAT books generally take several days to be delivered to your doorstep.

  2. An e-book is portable and mobile; which means, it can be accessed on the go from your mobile, laptop or iPad.

  3. E-books have a special feature wherein you could search for specific topics or chapters and scroll to those particular e-pages without having to shuffle through the pages of the entire book.

  4. Another feature of e-books is the inbuilt capability to bookmark or highlight topics for later review.

  5. E-books can be shared via email or in social networks where you can discuss difficult topics of the books, using the highlight feature described earlier. This sharing enables students to clarify their doubts with their coaches or tutors and enhances learning possibilities.

Hence, we recommend that you look for the available electronic versions of PCAT books on the internet and harness the advantages of studying from an e-book.

In conclusion, we hope the above-listed reviews and recommendations of PCAT books are of value to all the readers of this article. However, we recommend that you use one or more PCAT books in conjunction with other study resources such as online practice tests and flashcards etc. to maximize the effectiveness of your PCAT preparation.

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