5 Essentials of a Good PCAT Book

The PCAT entrance test is currently written by about two-thirds of pharmacy college applicants in the U.S to demonstrate their scientific and academic skills for their pharmacy college admissions. The applicants appearing for this test use various means and methods to prepare for it. Some of the applicants may opt for self study and may look for the most effective study books to help them ace the PCAT test. This article aims to help such applicants with the reviews of 3 good PCAT books, along with recommendations on the key aspects that they must look for in a good PCAT book.

The 3 Good PCAT Books:

  1. Dr Collins Self-Study Guide

    This PCAT book is authored by Dr. Collins, an experienced professor of Chemistry. The book contains study materials in all the subject areas of the test; namely, Chemistry, Biology, Quantitative Ability, Essay writing, Reading and Verbal Ability. It also includes many full-length practice tests. This book has received several positive reviews on online student forums. You may purchase this book at this link- www.pcatprepclass.com/register.html#self_study.

  2. Kaplan PCAT 2013-2014

    This PCAT book contains good coverage of many of the key PCAT subject areas such as Quantitative Ability, Biology and Chemistry. It includes 1 diagnostic and 1 practice test with detailed answer guides. It also provides writing tips and several proven test-taking strategies. You may purchase this book at the Amazon book store- www.amazon.com/Kaplan-PCAT-2013-2014/dp/1609789288.

  3. McGraw-Hill's PCAT

    This PCAT book is authored by George Hademenos, who is a university-level science professor. It provides an introduction to the PCAT test structure and also throws light on many test-taking strategies that could be used for test success. It includes a comprehensive review of all the subject areas of the test. At the same time, it focuses on the key topics within each subject area, which are relevant to the test. It includes 2 diagnostic tests and 1 full-length practice test. It has received positive reviews from quite a few actual test-takers. You may purchase this book at the Barnes and Noble book store - www.barnesandnoble.com/w/mcgraw-hills-pcat-george-j-hademenos/1101367573.

  4. The 5 Key Characteristics of a Good PCAT Book

    Here is a listing of the 5 essential aspects that you should find in a good PCAT book:

    1. A good PCAT book must contain an introduction to all the test sections and a detailed explanation of the test format. This is important because the students must first understand what to expect during the test.

    2. An effective PCAT book must cover all the PCAT subject areas and their respective sub-topics. For the price you pay, the book must give you comprehensive study material, so you don't need to hunt for several PCAT books to cover all the subject areas of the test.

    3. It must contain at-least one full length practice test and one diagnostic test. Test practice is crucial for successful scores, so the book with more number of practice tests is preferable.

    4. It must also provide a list of test-taking strategies, time-saving tips and recommendations that are practical in nature and could be put to use during the actual test.

    5. Apart from the above-mentioned characteristics, a good PCAT book must also provide an extensive review of the Chemistry and Biology sections of the test. These sections, being the most difficult portions of the test, must receive more emphasis in terms of the amount of study material, number of problem illustrations and other helpful resources.

    In conclusion, we hope the above-listed reviews and recommendations of good PCAT books will help you in your test preparation. However, we strongly recommend that you take your time to go through the blueprint of every PCAT book along with its user reviews and ratings before you decide to buy one.

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