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All about the Praxis ParaPro

The Praxis ParaPro exam intends to assess the skills and abilities of paraprofessionals who are already engaged in this profession and those who are keen to make their career in this field. The test takers must exhibit their skills in Reading, Writing and Mathematics in order to obtain success in this exam. Although, there are no passing scores devised by ETS, the qualifying scores are set by each state or district for ParaPro exam. The Praxis series developed by ETS refers to another set of tests that intends to assess the competence of those candidates who are eager about teaching and require proving their basic skills in the same subjects as that of ParaPro exam.

The Basics of Praxis ParaPro Exam

The objective of the test is to meet the requirements of a Federal Legislation, which is called No Child Left Behind Act. The test is administered in two different formats that include the following:

  • Paper-Based Test: This format is conducted six times within a year. The candidates are allowed to select their locations for taking this test.

  • Online Test: The online test is offered to the candidates during regular intervals. The candidates can take this test only in those school districts that are enlisted with ETS.

The Praxis ParaPro is a two and half hour test in which, the candidates are required to answer 90 multiple-choice questions. There are two portions of this exam in which about two third of the questions are based on fundamental skills and knowledge and the remaining portion of the test is based on application of those skills.

For existing and prospective paraprofessionals, the Praxis Parapro is a test of general aptitude that provides an outstanding opportunity to the candidates to prove their credentials.

The Sections of Praxis ParaPro Test

The Praxis ParaPro exam consists of the following sections:

  • Reading Skills and Knowledge: The questions in this section of the test measure the ability of the candidates in performing various reading tasks. The pattern of questions in this section is meant to assess whether the candidates are able to recognize the primary and secondary ideas present in a reading task. Besides this, the test takers need to decipher information from direct statements, the connotation of the words and phrases that are present in the reading passage. Finally, the test takers must also determine whether the ideas in the reading passage are real or opinionated. There are 18 questions in this section of ParaPro test that is presented in different ways including bars, graphs and charts.

  • Application of Reading Skills and Knowledge: In this section, the questions enable to assess whether a paraprofessional has the proficiency in assisting a student with different components of words such as division of words into different parts and recognizing the sounds. Additionally, the test takers need to interpret words and phrases, differentiate between homonyms, synonyms and antonyms. The remaining questions are related to those techniques that are used is classroom for assisting the students with reading tasks.

  • Mathematics Skills and Knowledge: There are about 18 questions in this section that are based on three basic concepts including Number Sense and Basic Algebra, Geometry and Measurement and Data Analysis.

  • Application of Mathematics Skills and Knowledge: The questions that are asked in this section of Praxis Parapro intend to measure the mathematical abilities of the test takers that paraprofessionals must have while helping the teacher in a classroom during the delivery of lessons and instructions. However, the 12 questions of this section are based on the above-mentioned concepts.

  • Writing Skills and Knowledge: In this section, the questions are based on recognition of errors in usage of words, grammar, spelling and punctuation in Standard English. Along with this, the test takers must be able to identify parts of sentence and parts of speech in written texts.

  • Application of Writing Skills and Knowledge: The questions in this section of Praxis ParaPro exam emphasize on various aspects of the process of writing and different purposes of writing tasks all of which are based on classroom scenarios.

Score reporting : Praxis ParaPro Test

For the Internet-based Praxis ParaPro test, the scores are initially available online and the score reports are delivered after two weeks of the date of test and reported at the school district. Similarly, for the Paper-based test, the scores are made available to the specified recipient after about four weeks of the test date. The test takers must obtain the qualifying scores according to the requirements of state and school district and the information regarding these scores are available at

The Praxis and ParaPro tests have created a plethora of opportunities for paraprofessionals and teachers for establishing their career in these fields.

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