ParaPro Test

Sections of ParaPro Explained

The ParaPro test is administered for potential paraprofessionals and those who are already engaged in this profession. The objective of this test is to measure the competence of the candidates in Reading, Writing and Mathematics and their ability to implement the knowledge and skills of these subjects while offering assistance in classroom sessions.

There are 90 questions in ParaPro test that are to be completed within two and half hours. The questions are of multiple-choice types and the test is conducted in Paper and Online formats.

The Sections of ParaPro Test

What are the sections of ParaPro test? Let us explore each one of them in detail:

  • Reading Skills and Knowledge: There are about 18 questions in this section that are to be attempted by the test takers and based on reading passages along with subject areas and real life situations that are represented in a variety of ways in the form of tables, graphs and charts. The test takers are required to recognize the basic and supporting concepts of the passage, the meaning of different words and phrases that are present in the same. Besides this, they should be able to formulate their opinions from direct statements and contrive information from the tables and charts. Furthermore, they must also find out whether the information present in the reading passage is based on fact or a point of view.

  • Application of Reading Skills and Knowledge to Instruction to be delivered in the Classroom: In this section of ParaPro test, there are 12 questions to be attempted by the candidates. The questions are largely based on tasks related to reading and development of vocabulary, the fundamental tenets of reading such as the proficiency of the candidates required to understand the characteristics of words and written text. The remaining questions correspond with the tools required for the process of reading.

  • Mathematical Skills and Knowledge: The questions in this section of ParaPro exam measure the skills of the candidates in basic concepts of Mathematics and their implementation in real life and intangible situations. There are about 18 questions in this section and the topics include Number Sense and Basic Algebra, Geometry and Measurement and Data Analysis.

  • Application of Mathematical Skills and Knowledge: There are 12 questions in this section that measure the abilities of the candidates to implement the potential of the candidates in classroom and the skills required to assist the teacher while delivering lessons to the students.

  • Writing Skills and Knowledge: In this section of ParaPro test, there are about 18 questions that intend to measure the competency of the test takers to figure out the mistakes of grammar and usage of words in Standard English writing. In addition to this, they have to determine the errors in punctuation and spelling and identify the parts of speech and parts of sentence.

  • Application of Writing Skills: The questions of this section are based on the activities that are usually held in classroom in which the candidates have to check and edit documents that are written for different purposes. Additionally, the candidates have to consider different facets of writing or the strategies that are used in the process of writing.

The Scores of ParaPro Test

The score report for ParaPro test can be accessed at State and School District Requirements in which the candidates can check the qualifying scores of each state. In other words, the candidates must obtain the listed scores or more than that is order to pass in this exam. The official score report of the candidates are obtained around four weeks after the tests are held and a copy of the same is delivered to the test taker, as well. The score report of the candidates contains the educational and background information of the candidates along with the passing status of the candidates.

The ParaPro test is provides a concrete platform for would be and practicing paraprofessionals for proving their abilities in order to assist in the delivery of instructions in the classroom.

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