ParaPro Praxis Exam

Things to Know Before Taking the ParaPro Praxis Exam

This examination intends to measure the skills of working and upcoming paraprofessionals who are enthusiastic about this career. The test is designed and developed by ETS or Educational Testing Service and intends to assess the knowledge of general aptitude through a fair and consistent method of evaluation. In fact there is a lot that the candidates should learn in order to fulfill the requirements laid down by the testing service and obtain success in order to become a paraprofessional or even the existing ones who are taking his test. The Praxis series of tests has also been developed by ETS and enables those candidates to demonstrate their abilities who are keen to be in the profession of teaching. However, the subjects that are tested for these tests are similar to that of ParaPro exam.

Different Aspects of Praxis ParaPro Test

What are the things that the test takers must know about before taking Praxis ParaPro exam? Let us analyze the same in the following points:

  • It is a test consisting of 90 multiple-choice questions that are to be completed within a period of two and half hours.

  • The test measures the basic and applications skills of the candidates in Reading, Writing and Mathematics.

  • The candidates can take the test in Internet and Paper-based formats.

  • The basic objective of this exam is to comply with the "No Child Left Behind Act" pertaining to the Federal Legislation.

  • The candidates taking this test are not required to obtain passing scores although qualifying scores are devised for school districts. Thus, the test takers should either obtain the qualifying scores or exceed the same.

  • The online format of the exam is held many times during a year although the paper based test is only delivered six times each year. For the online test, the candidates should contact the administrative office of the enlisted school district. Similarly, for Paper-based test, the locations are chosen by the candidates during the process of registration.

  • About two third of the test questions are devoted to basic skills and the rest of the questions corresponding to one third portion are meant for application of the fundamental skills of Reading, Writing and Mathematics. In other words, the test takers should not only have the required knowledge on the subject areas, but demonstrate their ability to apply those skills in the classroom during the delivery of lessons and while assisting the teacher.

  • As far as the preparation is concerned, the test takers may consult the test preparatory materials that are developed by ETS. For more information regarding this, the test takers must log on to the following website:

  • Since there are no standardized test contents for paraprofessionals, the contents for this exam are delineated by a national group of professionals and the teachers who assist them. At the same time, the contents of this test pertain to the standards that are classified in the Standards for Paraprofessionals.

The Sections of ParaPro Praxis Test

While the above-mentioned points reflect some of the most significant aspects that must be known to the candidates, the following points provide a brief outline of the sections of this test:

  • Reading Skills and Knowledge: There are 18 questions in this section related to a variety of reading tasks taken from subjects and real life situations that are presented in different forms.

  • Application of Reading Skills and Knowledge: The questions on application skills are based on classroom setting in which the paraprofessionals should have the competency to assist the students is different tasks that are related to reading. There are 12 questions in this section.

  • Mathematics Skills and Knowledge: The skills of Mathematics are measured according to the concepts of Number Sense and Algebra, Data Analysis along with Geometry and Measurement. In this section, the candidates need to attempt 18 questions.

  • Application of Mathematics Skills and Knowledge: For this section, consisting of 12 questions, the candidates should have the proficiency to assist the teacher while imparting the lessons in classroom.

  • Writing Skills and Knowledge: There are 18 questions in this section that are based on recognition of errors in writing tasks and identifying parts of speech and sentence.

  • Application of Writing Skills and Knowledge: In this part, the questions are related to implementation of writing tasks and various aspects of the process of writing. There are 12 questions in this section.

The exam offers a set up for paraprofessionals who are already engaged in this field and potential candidates to prove their abilities in order to fulfill their career goals.