ParaPro Assessment Test

Checklist for ParaPro Test

The ParaPro assessment test is administered for would-be and existing paraprofessionals, thereby enabling them to establish a career in this field. The purpose of this test is to meet the criteria of the Federal Legislation, which is called No Child Left Behind Act.

ParaPro Test: The Important Points to Consider

What is the list of important things that the aspirants of ParaPro test must keep in mind before taking this exam? The following points present a checklist for this exam:

  • The ParaPro assessment test is a two and half hour exam consisting of 90 multiple-choice questions in Reading, Writing and Mathematics.

  • The test is delivered in Internet and Paper-based formats. While the online test is conducted at regular intervals throughout the year, the Paper-based test is administered six times within a year. In order to take the Internet-based test, the candidates should get in touch with the administrative unit of the respective school districts. Similarly, for the Paper-based test, the locations of ParaPro exam are selected by the candidates.

  • As far as ParaPro assessment test is concerned, about two-thirds of the exam intends to measure the general skills and knowledge of test takers in Reading, Writing and Mathematics whereas the remaining portion of the test is dedicated to the application skills on the same subjects. There are 18 and 12 questions each to be attempted by the candidates in the first and second part of the test respectively.

  • The fees for ParaPro test are $50, which is non-refundable.

  • There are no passing scores in this test as such although qualifying scores are devised according to school and district requirements. The candidates have to meet the qualifying scores or surpass the same in order to fulfill their dreams of pursuing a career as paraprofessionals.

  • For the online test, the scores can be viewed on the screen immediately and the score reports are mailed to the school districts after two weeks from the date of the test. The score report of Paper-based format is available after four weeks from the date of the test and mailed to the recipients of the test.

  • The ParaPro assessment test has been designed and developed by ETS and it caters to accuracy, precision and fairness. Moreover, the contents of the test is being regularly measured, evaluated and updated in order to ensure that the actual intentions of the test is actually met.

  • The test takers must strictly comply with the procedures of the test center on the day of ParaPro test. For more information regarding this information, the aspirants of the test must log on to

The Sections of ParaPro Test

When it comes to ParaPro assessment test, there are six sections that are based on the above-mentioned subjects. Let us analyze the same in the following points:

  • Reading Skills and Knowledge: In this section of ParaPro test, the candidates are required to attempt questions that are based on a range of reading tasks from subjects and real life situations. The questions are presented in the form of tables, bars and graphs, as well.

  • Application of Reading Skills and Knowledge: The questions in this section of ParaPro assessment test are based on classroom settings in which the students are actively engaged in reading activities. Besides this, the questions are also based on the techniques that are used to enhance the reading abilities of students in a classroom.

  • Mathematics Skills and Knowledge: In this section, the questions are based on three basic concepts that include Number Sense and Algebra, Geometry and Measurement and Data Analysis.

  • Application of Mathematics Skills and Knowledge: The questions in this section allow the test takers to apply their knowledge of basic mathematical skills to real life situations. As a matter of fact, the questions are designed in such a manner so that it brings out the abilities of the candidates for assisting the teacher in a classroom.

  • Writing Skills and Knowledge: In this section, the questions are related to identification of parts of sentence and speech and recognition of errors in writing passages.

  • Application of Writing Skills and Knowledge: The questions in this section are related to different aspects of writing within a classroom setting.

A Concluding Tip

The ParaPro assessment test offers an outstanding platform to the present and prospective paraprofessionals for demonstrating their skills in order to attain success in this field.

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