ParaPro Assessment Exam

How to Score High in the ParaPro Exam?

The ParaPro Assessment exam intends to measure the competence of those candidates, who are eager to become paraprofessionals or already practicing as paraprofessionals, and test their skills in Reading, Writing and Mathematics.

The candidates have to complete the ParaPro Assessment exam consisting of 90 multiple-choice questions within two and half hours. Furthermore, the test can be taken either in Paper-based or online format. While two third of this test is focused on fundamental skills and knowledge, the rest of the exam shall be centered on application skills that are required to be implemented in the classroom.

The ParaPro Assessment exam makes sure that the candidates taking this test should fulfill the criteria or parameters that are required for meeting the objectives of the test according to the federal legislation of No Child Left Behind Act.

How to Enhance Scores in ParaPro Test

How should the candidates expect to get high scores in ParaPro exam? Let us analyze the same in the following points:

  • Although, ParaPro is a general aptitude test, there are several content categories in this exam and the candidates must familiarize themselves with the sections and their theoretical and practical weightage.

  • Thereafter, the aspirants of this test should try to focus on their strengths and weaknesses for each category of this test so that the mode of preparation can be chosen.

  • The candidates should make sure they have enough time for preparation after registering for the test and selection of test dates.

  • As far as test prep materials are concerned, the candidates should pay equal attention to study guides and practice tests for achieving high scores. Taking practice tests at regular intervals will allow the candidates to gain confidence for the final day of the test and reduce the anxieties related to this exam. Moreover, it will also help the test takers to have the practice of completing the test within the stipulated time.

  • Although, there is no direct formula for attaining high scores in ParaPro Assessment exam, the test prep materials that include review chapters on the subjects, techniques and strategies for taking the test, overview of both formats of the test along with full-length practice tests and answer explanations help the test takers to eliminate the anxieties of this test.

  • The scores attained by the test takers in the practice tests enable the test takers to understand how to improve or enhance their scores in this test.

The Sections of ParaPro Test

Having discussed some of the ways in which the scores of ParaPro assessment exam can be increased, we will now focus on the sections of the test and scoring in the following points:

  • Reading Skills and Knowledge: This section of ParaPro exam consists of 18 questions in which the test takers have to attempt reading tasks that are presented in different ways and based on texts and real life situations.

  • Application of Reading Skills: There are about 12 questions that are asked in this section of the test and they are based on practical sessions that are held in the classroom in which the students engage themselves in a wide range of reading tasks.

  • Mathematics Skill and Knowledge: In this section of ParaPro Assessment exam, the test takers need to attempt 18 questions that are based on the fundamental concepts of Mathematics such as Number Sense, Geometry and Measurement, Data Analysis and Basic Algebra.

  • Application of Mathematics Skills: There are about 12 questions in this section that are to be answered by the candidates for assessing the abilities of the candidates that are required for assisting the teacher in classroom while delivering the lessons of Mathematics.

  • Writing Skills and Knowledge: In this section, there are 18 questions in which the candidates have to identify errors in written tasks.

  • Applications of Writing Skills: There are 12 questions in this section of ParaPro Assessment exam, and the questions are based on classroom setting in which the candidates have to perform writing tasks and understand the characteristics of writing process.

A Concluding Tip about Scores

The scores of ParaPro Assessment exam are delivered to the candidates approximately four weeks from the date on which the test has been taken and indicates whether the candidates have passed in this test along with their personal information.

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