ETS ParaPro Test

Understanding the ETS ParaPro Test

The ETS ParaPro test offers an excellent opportunity to potential paraprofessionals and those who are already engaged in work to demonstrate their skills and abilities for providing assistance in classroom while delivering the lessons. By taking this test, that measures the general aptitude of the test takers, the requirements of No Child Left Behind is met, which is a legislated act of the Federal Government.

A Glimpse of ETS ParaPro Test

What are the contents of ETS ParaPro test? The candidates should understand the structure of the test at first in order to obtain success in the same. Let us understand the important features of this test in the following points:

  • The ETS ParaPro test consists of 90 multiple-choice questions that are to be completed within two and half hours.

  • The exam is conducted in Paper-based and online formats.

  • The subjects of the test include Reading, Writing and Mathematics.

  • There are two portions of the ParaPro test in which about two-thirds are focused on the basic skills and knowledge of the candidates and the remaining one-third is devoted to their skills of application.

  • ETS is responsible for preparing the questions of the test and it is done with extreme accuracy and precision. Each administration of ParaPro exam measures the skills of the candidates in a fair and suitable manner and corresponds to the previous one.

  • The procedures of the test are not only at par with the standards of the professional measurement community, but also with the guidelines of accuracy and fairness that is followed by ETS. For more information, the candidates can log on to the website of ETS or Educational Testing Service pertaining to the same at

  • The ETS ParaPro test has been designed and developed in such a manner that it helps in bringing out the exact skills and knowledge that should be possessed by paraprofessionals in the area of Reading, Writing and Mathematics.

The Scoring and Sections of ParaPro Test

The scores of the test are made available to the test takers around four weeks from the date of the exam and the qualifying score corresponds with the requirements of the State or School District. The score report is the testimonial of the fact whether a test taker has passed in the ETS ParaPro test by obtaining the qualifying scores.

What are the sections of ParaPro exam? Let us analyze them in the following points:

  • Reading Skills and Knowledge: There are about 18 questions in this section of the test that measures the proficiency of the candidates for performing a varied range of reading tasks based on subjects and real life situations. The questions are presented in the form of reading passages as well as charts, bars and graphs.

  • Applications of Reading Skills and Knowledge to Classroom Instruction: The questions in this section are focused on classroom setting in which the candidates are engaged in reading based tasks. The candidates have to attempt 12 questions in this section.

  • Mathematics Skills and Knowledge: In this section that consists of 18 questions the candidates need to focus on the basic concepts of Mathematics that are based on Number Sense, Geometry and Measurement and Data Analysis.

  • Application of Mathematics Skills and Knowledge: The questions in this section measure the skills of the candidates for helping the teacher while delivering the instructions in a classroom. There are 12 questions to be attempted by the candidates in this section of ETS ParaPro test.

  • Writing Skills and Knowledge: In this section, there are about 18 questions that measure the ability of the candidates to identify errors in writing tasks.

  • Application of Writing Skills: In this section of ETS ParaPro test, the questions are typically based on classroom scenario, in which the students are engaged in compiling and editing different types of documents.

The ETS ParaPro test serves as the platform that offers a plethora of opportunities for existing and would-be paraprofessionals for obtaining success in this field.

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